A ghost!


Yes, OK, Hugh Paxton’s blog delivers a mixture of the absurd and factual but tonight I think I heard a ghost! It was alarming! A child was screaming for help speaking in a mixture of French, English and perhaps Thai? The child was being dragged away and was exhibiting discomfort. I waded out looking for a fight – I hate people being hurt – and the noise was gone. Everything was utterly still. This wasn’t cats fighting, it was a rather different noise.

Nobody will believe me but I think I did hear a ghost. It sounded horrible!

There was fury, terror, pain and it sounded feeble and irritating! I didn’t see it. It wasn’t cats!


2 Responses to “A ghost!”

  1. Stella Says:


    I lived in a haunted house once. One of my flatmates always swore it was haunted, and sure enough one day I opened the bathroom door and came face to face with a ghost. It was a woman – thin, medium height, permed hair, and very obviously dead.

    Of course, whether what I saw was a supernatural presence, or just the result of eating too much hash cake, is open to question.

    • Hugh Paxton Says:

      I take this story seriously. Unless you were looking in the mirror. I hope you look better than that ghost! There are ghastly things. Whenever I look in my mirror I see something horrific! But that’s me!

      I remember my mummy leaving a house in Singapore looking thoroughly revolted.The Japanese had used it a slaughterhouse for Chinese nurses. She picked up on that. My daughter sees ghosts and I don’t ridicule her. I regard them as harmless whatever they are but if I’d met yours I’d have shat my pants!



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