Dog Days


Well this has been a rollercoaster! I let the wildly yelping puppy that screwed up my evening by arriving unexpectedly into my house! There was a scrabble to recue it – it was clearly in a state of terror! Recuing it from a clump of impenetrable bamboo was clearly an issue.

I let the whelp free today reasoning it had come from somewhere and come daylight it could fend for itself. No pythons here until darkness. So off it went! Free as a wobbly but suddenly confident puppy! Then I had emails.

I began to concentrate on my writing. It pays for my bread, butter, and my fish food! I am encouraging my pond and there are some seriously uncanny eel-like fish. Also I have to pay for beagle food. And other things!

Chang came and asked where the dog was. “I let it go! I don’t like dogs! If it stays here too long I’ll bung it in the pond! The monitors will do the job. ”

“The owners are missing some dogs!”

“This one?”

When I focus on a story I storm in, it takes a bit of time to even start writing – I want the story to go, not dither with its first wordings but then storm in! So there I was conjuring the smells and chat with the tiger rangers or my Rajahstan story…and pouf! Like gone!

“He’s a plumber but has gone with the mummy dog. I think it hot for him!”

“Can you find the dog?”

From: Chang Htoo []
Sent: Wednesday, April 27, 2016 11:51 AM
To: Hugh Paxton
Subject: Dog

Hi khun hugh I found the dog hiding in plants pot.Now he crying all the time looking for his mummy.I give the food and keep crying.

Me: “Well bring him back here in his dog box! We can have lunch and make a plan!”

Chang: “I come now!”

I hit the kitchen. Hot coffee, sweet, and food for Chang. Yesterday’s tuna pasta herbs’ de frog, anchovies, grated serious cheese. Capers, this and that! Great for dinner but I want Annabel off to school with a traditional bunch of peeled apples, bacon, toast, jam, whatever else in the fridge that hasn’t gone rotten and that she just didn’t have for dinner. Gherkins are always a hit! Annabel thinks beans on toast are best cooked in England and Al is the fried sausage king! So I steer clear of that minefield!

Chang ate and thought and the dilemma was the puppy. Chang gets too Buddhist! He respects life! My plan was to leave it with me more one more night.

Khun Den, the estate manager provided the solution. He arrived with documentation asking if I could approve the municipality inspection of my electricity bills which involved lots of guys checking my meters and climbing up poles and getting electrocuted. He looked briefly disapproving of Chang and I having a lunch, a rather decadent lunch with sauces and coffees but said “Workers are entitled to half hour lunch break.”

“Khun Den, I have paid all my bills and Chang is not having a lunch break! He is helping here with a serious problem! I was wondering if you would like a puppy?”

Chang vanished.

Khun Den, bless him, has a sense of humour. He knew that Chang had been goofing around trying to find the bloody puppy. And that it was all Annabel’s fault. And Khun Den and I have shared enough lengthy drives to and fro airports and other places. Dignity is important.

End result? One of the guys checking the top of the pole meters (and everybody else was intrigued by the puppy story). Khun Den explained his problem was that the far side of the khlong was too sheer so any damn puppy that decided to go swimming or fell in and haul itself out only had the option of emerging on his pier. They try to get back they struggle and drown.

One of the electricians has a young boy who wants a dog. He got one. With a carrying box and water bowl. And a blanket and towel. While Khun Dhen and I discussed. Chang just sorted it out and delivered a stern lecture to the new owners that a puppy isn’t just for Song Khrang!

All was cleared up! No dog, no fuss, just a potentially tedious day enlivened! It has screwed up my concentration on the maneaters. But I’m sure I can re-focus on the tenth century looming plateau fortress overlooking the rugged tiger prowled forests.

Unless the electrician brings the puppy back!

Love from Bangkok!


, sphahetti with And a quick conference with Chang. Khun Den arrived asking if I could spare Chang for my conference and Khun Den said “Chang can half an hour to relax for lunch!”

“Khun Den, Chang is not relaxing over lunch he’s helping me sort out a dog problem! He is saving Thai Village time!”

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