Has big conservation gone astray?


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This is a very spontaneous spot poll to get your opinions on the following article.

Should wildlife conservationists be saving wildlife species or helping local communities to dig toilets? To possibly help diminishing wetlands becoming contaminated to preserve them? Or what?

A lot of ideas here in this article? What are your ideas? Please let me know! The world awaits your thoughts!




2 Responses to “Has big conservation gone astray?”

  1. Stella Says:

    There are a lot of different ways to approach conservation, and those different approaches aren’t necessarily wrong or even mutually incompatible. I’m sure some approaches to conservation are more successful than others, but I don’t know enough about that issue to comment on it.

    The only time I would say a conservation organisation has lost its way is if it becomes more interested in providing work for its employees than in conservation. One of the things I’ve found with NGOs over the years (and let’s be fair, government organisations are no better) is that they sometimes end up providing cushy “administrative” jobs for people who aren’t particularly employable. If that problem reaches critical mass the NGO will lose its way.

    The fact that some of these organizations have fewer scientists on board than they used to worries me. It’s one thing for an organisation to change its focus over time, but if that focus doesn’t have a strong basis in science and evidence how can it be successful? Conservation is inherently a science-based concept. If it departs from its scientific basis, how can it achieve anything worthwhile?

  2. ANNABEL Says:

    Stella you remain one of the most intelligent people I know! Keep it up! Cheers! Hugh

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