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Chang’s View: rats for dinner, beetles for lunch an egg for breakfast!

May 31, 2016

Esteemed readers, Hugh Paxton’s blog invites you to continue your tour of Thailand courtesy of Chang!

Andre? When are sending me the pics of you eating the grilled scorpion in Khao San? The public needs to know. And see! Perhaps you could also give us your thoughts on texture, crunch, flavor? Be extremely glad you didn’t try any of these rats. Apparently they taste like chicken. But everything does. Apart from chicken.

Cheers from Bangkok!


From: Chang Htoo []

Thai Days: For sale fliers

May 31, 2016

HughPaxton’s Blog has sold the car. So that’s that. We are now selling lots of other things. If you want any you will need to pick them up. I don’t suggest it is worth flying from Oregon, Trondheim, Belize City or from anywhere actually. But if you are in Bangkok, it’s all good quality, inexpensive. See, pay, don’t haggle, take it home. The plants are delightful! We also have stacks of books. Clothes, shoes, spice racks and other…stuff. Email me paxton.bkk for a viewing!



Subject: For sale fliers

Dear All,

Attached are the latest adverts for items for sale.

Please circulate.



Furniture Sale May 29.docx

Hp Computer for sale.docx

Plants for sale.docx

TheReporterandTheGirl: New post Doing the Things that Scare You

May 30, 2016

Hugh Paxton’s blog rather frequently does things that scare me! Scare everybody in the vicinity! But by and large these incidents provide entertainment, memories, topics for conversation, excruciating agony, morning after “Did that really happen?” wake ups, and a general feeling that while there are many things to complain about, being bored isn’t one of them! The Girl’s latest blog post could be seen as a trifle dismal but having read it a couple of times I think not. Rather positive I would say. Life isn’t a choice we are born with. We are born and we are stuck with it. We have good times, bad times, and then sooner or later we die. If there is a meaning to life I have yet to find it. Nor do I seek it. I leave that to people who believe in heaven and hell and virgins in a garden with wine and running streams. Well, really! How likely is all that?

I generally enjoy being alive. I enjoy other people being alive (in some cases). Robert Mugabe, his equally repulsive wife, ISIS, Julius Malema – there are quite a few people I could happily watch die, ideally in excruciating agony. Staked out in a searing desert smothered in honey by a fire ant colony with a mug of sulfuric acid and one of those highly dubious Thai chocolate bars that taste like cardboard drenched in synthi-sugar for refreshment. I guess they’d probably feel the same way about me. So fair enough.

I’m not very interested in self help books. I read one. It was all about how to write a best seller. The obvious question that occurred after page two was why hadn’t the author actually written one. And why had I just bought his book for ten pence at a jumble sale in Beaconsfield. I don’t stick motivational messages on my mirror or fridge encouraging me to accomplish things. My worst enemy isn’t me. Never has been. I’m quite an arrogant bastard I suppose. But in her post TheGirl addresses people who aren’t me (which, let’s face it, is probably for the best!) People who do face challenges and are daunted by them. Real people with real feelings, doubts, self doubts, problems, yes…challenges! And potential. Hope. Courage. All that stuff! Quite frankly this is one of the best posts from TheGirl in recent months. I’m not knocking her other posts. They are all good and spoken (written) from the heart and with a frankness and willingness to share personal experience that is endearing. She addresses some important issues in her writing today. She has taken the time and made the effort to share her thoughts and be helpful. Make the world and life a bit more cheerful. So, good for her!

Read on!

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Sent: Monday, May 30, 2016 7:11 AM
Subject: [New post] Doing the Things that Scare You

TheGirl posted: "We all know that life has its challenges at every stage. And while not all challenges are equal (the problem of having to evacuate your home due to war or natural disaster versus not being able to pay a credit card bill) they do make us who we are and can"

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New post on TheReporterandTheGirlMINUSTheSuperMan!

Doing the Things that Scare You

by TheGirl

We all know that life has its challenges at every stage. And while not all challenges are equal (the problem of having to evacuate your home due to war or natural disaster versus not being able to pay a credit card bill) they do make us who we are and can affect the way we look at the world.

Well, a lot of those challenges are scary. I, like most people, would rather not face them and just let things be…Don’t. Rock. The. Boat. However, our biggest test of integrity, character, and loyalty are never during calm waves.

So why shake things up? Whether you had enough at work or enough at home, or its come down to some ultimatum and you need to choose — sometimes you have to do the thing that scares you the most.

Overcome your worst enemy — You

Yes, you are. I know you read the self-help books about "loving yourself better", but really when it comes to taking the big risks in life, sometimes we are our own worst enemy. We stay in denial (I’m still avoiding this month’s bank statement); we brood, procrastinate, and yes even put ourselves down. But honestly, how many people in your life have explicitly told you that you CAN’T do something? Now, take that very short list and order it by the one who is constantly saying it the most. I’m sure the number one spot is YOU.

Overcoming your enemy means having to face yourself and confront why you may be self-sabotaging. Simply put– you can’t move forward, if you’re holding yourself back.

Life is too short to die with regrets

Why are you alive?

I don’t know why I’m alive today. I wish I could say that there is a higher calling for me, but a mix of luck and fate has brought me to today, May 29, 2016. I don’t know if it will extend tomorrow. I could have easily died in a car crash years ago or end up as one of those missing college co-eds…what I’m basically saying is that unless you live locked up in a padded room, you’ll never know when your ticket is up. There’s nothing you can do to prevent that. So, if you had 6 days left to live, could you look back and say that you lived life to the fullest and have no regrets?

If you hate your job, quit it. If you want to go somewhere, go. If you want to date/marry someone, ask him/her. If you want to break up, talk to him/her. If you need to talk, then talk. The time will never "be right", but the time is now. I know it sounds too simple, but the truth is you already know what needs to be done, so stop waiting.

Your breakthrough will inspire others

Everyone has bullshit in their life that they can very well do without. Even that guy with the really green lawn that half the neighborhood is always talking about "crossing over to". What they forget to mention is that although his grass is greener, the roof is caving in (and I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have shitty lawn problems, than a leaky roof). However, not everyone deals with their problems in the same way.

Your breakthrough can inspire someone else to get out of their rut. It dares them to challenge themselves, "If Bob can do it, why can’t I?!" When I first started my blog, I was nervous about putting a very vulnerable part of me on the internet for people to critique or outright lambast. But nearly four years later, I can say it is the most rewarding thing I have chosen to do, and I didn’t even want to do it in the first place. Its even more rewarding when I can tell you how many other folks I know who also started blogging since I did, or even those curious in publishing too.

But heck, even if Joe doesn’t start to water his lawn like his neighbor, at least you have the triumph of defeating all the nay-sayers and haters who didn’t think you had the balls to do it: yourself.

So, let’s start small. If you can change something in your life, in the next 24 hours — what will (not could, but will) you do?

Tell me @ReporterandGirl or on Facebook.

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Lord of the Rings Revisited (with music)

May 28, 2016

The Lord of the Rings revisited!

From: Annabel Paxton []
Sent: Saturday, May 28, 2016 3:40 PM
Subject: Videos – They are taking the hobbits to Isengard – Troolololo Saruman

Chang’s View: Very quick

May 28, 2016

From: Chang Htoo []
Very quick.

Andre’s Bit: Verdwaal?

May 27, 2016

Hugh Paxton’s Blog has seen worse. But that was in Zambia. The sign there wasn’t just pointing in two opposite directions to the same town but was upside down. This piece of misdirection is classic South Africa!

From: Andre Gast []
Subject: Verdwaal?

This is why people do get lost in South Africa

Kind regards

Andre Gast

Book review: The Salmon – the extraordinary story of the king of fish

May 27, 2016

Hugh Paxton’s Blog was given this book by my esteemed and most beloved sister. I started reading it some months ago and then, as often happens, it vanished. I have just caught it again. Why it was in a shoebox remains one of those great and frequent Paxton household mysteries!

The Salmon. Written by Michael Wigan. Published by WilliamCollins. It is all you need to know about salmon. A smooth read. Entrancing. Amazing! Disturbing. Depressing. Uplifting. Very salmon-y! You’ve probably eaten one recently. Now read all about it!

I have the vague suspicion that I’ve reviewed this book before. But if I have I’ve lost it. Rather like the book. Anyway both book and a review require a new look!


In Bangkok (where salmon is on many menus and is cooked and prepared in frequently unusual but exciting ways)

The Top 12 Ways World Can End Hunger While Stemming Environmental Damage from Food Systems

May 27, 2016

Here’s some more encouraging reading from UNEP!

Wild Open Eye - Natural Vision, News from Wild Open Eye


Food production is in focus in the new UNEP Report. Responsibly grown tomatoes. Food production is in focus in the new UNEP Report.

Latest International Resource Panel report lists 12 ways to use natural resources more efficiently, improve human health and reduce the environmental damage caused by food systems

UNEP Press Release Nairobi, 25 May 2016 – A major overhaul of the global food system is urgently needed if the world is to combat hunger, use natural resources more efficiently and stem environmental damage, the International Resource Panel (IRP) says.

In its latest report, the IRP – a consortium of 34 internationally renowned scientists, over 30 national governments and other groups hosted by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) – calls for a switch to a “resource-smart” food system that changes the way food is grown, harvested, processed, traded, transported, stored, sold and consumed.

Current food systems, which the IRP says are “inefficient” and “unsustainable”, are responsible for 60…

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Hugh Paxton Blog: cell phone addiction

May 27, 2016

Its official! Lancaster Uni has released a report that using cell phones is clinically addictive. People who use them, text each other with them, wait for messages, send messages become dependent. They take them everywhere – toilet, bed, bathroom, dinner – and keep texting and checking and become depressed if they aren’t texted. The process apparently is fuelled by fellow addicts. Texts fly to and fro faster than a Wimbledon volley exchange.

I find these characters rather annoying in public. They walk into my way staring at their gadget oblivious for my need for haste. I normally tell them to get the f***k out of my way before their next text is delivered from their rectum. They scarper. And then presumably text everybody about the only interesting thing that has happened to them all week.

I’ll confiscate my beloved daughter Annabel’s phone tomorrow and see if she needs medication to pull her through this cruel deprivation. I am fortunately not afflicted with telephone addiction. I don’t mind talking to people, enjoy talking to people but by and large I’d rather everybody who wants to talk, talk to people who want to talk. I’ve heard enough people talking to prefer silence. And in any case I can never find my cell phone. If I do find it, nobody calls me. So I reckon I won’t be requiring methadone or sedatives.

I shall let you know what happens to Annabel.



May 26, 2016


This from Chang!

From: Chang Htoo []
Sent: Tuesday, March 22, 2016 7:01 AM
To: Hugh Paxton

Myanmar forest.

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