A Pendergastian Announcement


This can only be good fun! I love these men!


From: Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child [mailto:dougandlinc@prestonchild.com]
Sent: Monday, May 02, 2016 5:12 PM
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Subject: A Pendergastian Announcement

"Let sleeping aliens lie." –Palmer Lloyd

Dear friends and readers,

We don’t want anyone to be disappointed — so this is just a reminder that we’re giving out free, autographed photos of our heartbreakingly stunning visages with every copy of BEYOND THE ICE LIMIT ordered from the Poisoned Pen Bookstore. We’re doing this instead of signing the books themselves. If you’re interested, please order soon because we only signed 1,500 photos and once they are gone… that’s it!

Order your copy of BEYOND THE ICE LIMIT with the free autographed photograph of Doug and Linc here.

And now for a big announcement: the publication date for our next Pendergast novel has been changed. Because of our publisher’s efficiency (and our own hard work), the book’s pub date is being moved up three weeks, from November 8 to October 18.

The book is entitled THE OBSIDIAN CHAMBER and… What can we say about it? Almost nothing, unfortunately, without revealing spoilers. Much of the action takes place in the Florida Keys, along with Riverside Drive and the Kalahari Desert of Botswana. What we can say, however, is that Constance receives a rare orchid from a secret admirer; Proctor takes an unexpected world trip; and certain crimes are committed that will have a disturbing resonance for readers of THE CABINET OF CURIOSITIES.

All best,

Doug & Linc

Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

P.O. Box 162

Convent Station, NJ 07961

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Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, P.O. Box 162, Convent Station, NJ 07961
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One Response to “A Pendergastian Announcement”

  1. Stella Says:

    Oooh, these look good. I could do with a new Preston & Child book right about now.

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