Dogs and revolting behaviour


Dogs have noses that can detect things that are way beyond human comprehension. So why? Why does my dog eat everything that smells absolutely terrible? Not just terrible, repulsive! I might extend this – utterly revolting! Even I can smell a squashed frog writhing with maggots from 200 meters. But why does my dog get there first then eat it? And doesn’t leave me any maggots? It’s just bloody selfish!

This question arises because the dog just ate my curry. I’ve hit curry and curry but this little number was serious! I tried it and I thought no. This is going beyond poisonous. Nothing can eat that! Skip anything planned for ISIS and give em some food aid! That’ll wipe those devils out.

My dog gulped the lot. I’m waiting to see what the results will be! Not pretty. That’s my guess.


One Response to “Dogs and revolting behaviour”

  1. Stella Says:

    I’ve wondered the same thing about dogs.

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