Thai Days: Cocktails and Kao San Road


The intriguing thing about a cocktail in Bangkok’s Khao San road is that you really can’t be entirely sure what is in it. Hugh Paxton’s Blog enjoyed the feeling of excitement, movement, vitality that is Khao San but found the two cocktails I ordered rather peculiar. The Mojito looked strangely brown, my Margarita looked strangely unlike anything I have seen before! This wasn’t a booze up. It was just two drinks while waiting for a travel agent to fix up tickets to Koh Chang. The hangover was memorable.

Khao San’s great, a not to be missed Bangkok experience but my advice would be to skip cocktails unless you watch the cocktail maestro mix them himself!

Only a gap year moron orders a bucket!

Cheers from Bangkok!


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  1. Stella Says:

    You’ve got to be careful with cocktails anywhere. Often they are just a scam meant to make you pay stupid amounts of money for a drink that contains less alcohol than an equivalent-sized glass of wine. Or even beer.

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