Chanf Htoo post from Myanmar : Animals What is it?


Well done Sarah!

You remain on top of your game! First class!

I am obviously disappointed it isn’t a new species…and I shall cancel my planned press release regarding the discovery of a new mammal species named after me!

Figs and insects? This is useful info! I shall pass this news on! With a bit of fluids and fruit it should rise to fly again! I hope it likes bees and mango. That’s what the village currently has in abundance at the moment. Touching bees nests is taboo. They’d like some rain.

How’s it going at your end? Where is your end at the moment? US? Thailand? I’m trying to give away some plants to an owner who loves them. Come over if time permits and have a glance.

Look forward to seeing you! It’s been a while!



From: Sarah Sekhran []
Sent: Sunday, May 15, 2016 9:17 PM
To: Hugh Paxton
Subject: Re: Chanf Htoo post from Myanmar : Animals What is it?

Definitely a giant flying squirrel . I know in India the giant flying squirrel diet is wild figs, and small insects. Also fruit like jack fruit or a durian type fruit are delicacy for them. They do forage on leaves but not sure which type.

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