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Hugh Paxton’s Blog always welcomes TheGirl’s posts – they offer a refreshing change in pace to my normal posts and reflect a world that doesn’t resemble my own very much! I think what I like about TheGirl is that she talks common sense born of perhaps mutual human experience. Upon occasion I’d like to do the same!

I was going to start today’s Hugh Paxton’s Blog with a mention of me dodging an immense cement mixer while going for a takeout sushi for my beloved daughter and falling down a drain in Bangkok and being incapacitated and agonized for a couple of days but toughing it out and I thought who the hell else is that likely to happen to? Not that many! Or so I profoundly hope!

I hadn’t broken anything so what’s the point of whining. My drain, my good luck in a way! I could have been squashed! I was rescued by a small crowd of concerned onlookers. Not quite as concerned as I was. I shook myself off and I thought I started this so I’ll deliver the sushi. So I did. She’s my daughter. I want her to eat well. But this sort of sadly routine catastrophe is not something I expect anybody to empathize with.

TheGirl’s life while complex, sharing and intriguing somehow avoids becoming bogged down in front-line broken limbs, ivory wars, cement mixers, drains, blokes setting up anti-aircraft guns to knock off rhino poachers, smashing ISIS… TheGirl’s posts have a thoroughly recommendable mixture of turmoil and serenity.

TheGirl’s posts also address anxieties, social interactions, technical gaffes etc. that are very real and relevant to people, I think young female people, but not exclusively so, and many, can gain from her shared experiences and opinions. There is a sense of ‘ordinary’ in a way that I regard as utterly essential to the maintenance of civilization.

I don’t think I can recommend her blog to all of the people I know but I think a lot of people take a lot away from her words that is positive! And that is never a bad thing!

Cheers from Bangkok!


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TheGirl posted: "If dating is a baseball game, the first text is like the first pitch — you either knock it out of the park and set the winning tone for the game, or you strike out and lose before the first inning is over. Of course, texting your crush isn’t always that "

New post on TheReporterandTheGirlMINUSTheSuperMan!

Don’t Screw It Up: Text Etiquette for Online Dating

by TheGirl

If dating is a baseball game, the first text is like the first pitch — you either knock it out of the park and set the winning tone for the game, or you strike out and lose before the first inning is over.

Of course, texting your crush isn’t always that black and white, but the pressure of a great first impression is in the front of your mind before typing out those first words. And it doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman, the pressure is on for both genders.

If you feel like you’re constantly sending all the wrong texts at all the wrong times, follow these steps to digitally woo your date and hit a home run on day one.

Be Yourself

There is a strategy to texting, yes, but don’t be deceptive. If you text through a charming persona but can’t hold a conversation in person, you are setting yourself (and especially your date) up for disappointment. Be the best version of yourself through a text message without changing who you are completely. It will make the first time you actually meet that much more compatible.

Turn Off Read Receipts

If you have an iPhone and read receipts — the function that tells the person on the other end when you read a text message — turned on, why do you torture yourself like that? We delay text responses for a number of reasons, but you’re only agonizing the person on the other end when he or she sees "read" without an immediate response. Do everyone a favor and turn that mode off.

Don’t Judge Green Texts

Speaking of the iPhone, not every smartphone in the world is made by Apple, and Android makes some awesome devices these days. Just because the texts are green, doesn’t mean the person on the other end is using some drug-dealing burner phone.

Don’t Be Afraid to Text First

It’s a scene straight out of "Dawson’s Creek." On the left is the boy waiting for that first text, and on the right is the girl waiting for the same, only for both to wait all night for nothing at all. Don’t let the opportunity to reach out pass you by just because you want to "play it cool." A good way to initiate the first text without seeming pushy is to get his or her number and send the "hey it’s me, just wanted you to have my number too" text.

Emojis Are Fine in Moderation

This one is for the fellas (women can use as many emojis as they please). A smiley face here or a wink there is fine, but don’t blast them out like a 13-year-old girl. The first text should probably be emoji-less, and then you can gauge the rest of the conversation based on what the woman is sending you in return.

Playing Hard to Get Is BS

This one is for the ladies. Men are already nervous enough crafting that perfect, first text to you. Don’t drive them insane by purposely making them wait hours or even days for a response. No, don’t hover desperately over your phone to reply within the second, but just treat the person on the other end of your phone how you’d want them to treat you. Texting is all about the golden rule.

Are you in a #textationship? Why haven’t you met up yet? Let me know your thoughts on Facebook or tweet me!

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