Thai Days: Bee


Chang, never a man of many words, has sent Hugh Paxton’s Blog this. He turned up for a coffee and explained more. The roof belongs to a house near mine and his job is to fix the roof which is leaking after strong winds dropped a mango tree on it. The mango tree incident kept me well supplied with free mangos which I made into chutney but obviously the roof wasn’t much of a winner. He needs to fix the roof but these bees have a thriving hive. Chang, being your typical Buddhist bunny hugger doesn’t want to hurt the bees, but they are in the way.

I appeal to readers of this blog for ideas. The roof must be fixed. But the bees must live. Any solutions spring to mind?

Heavy rain has suspended roof work so we have a day, probably two, to work something out.



From: Chang Htoo []
Sent: Monday, May 16, 2016 1:35 PM
To: Hugh Paxton
Subject: Bee



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