half earth


EO Wilson has just released a book. It will probably be his last – he is old. His previous writing on conservation and biodiversity and animal/insect interactions have been a constant inspiration for me and many others. He writes science with compassion and concern. Even common sense! A mixture rarely achieved. The book is called Half Earth. Effectively he is suggesting that half the Earth be protected as a nature sanctuary. I haven’t read the book. I was going to buy a copy in Kino Kunya Phrom Phong but it started raining heavily and I thought “Nope! That is going to be a complete horror show of an expedition!”

Tomorrow, rain, thunderbolts, or shine I will risk the streets of Bangkok to buy a copy, read it and review it. Wilson has never let me down. I saw him talk on Youtube and it was convincing, emotional, and there were new words coming that nobody else has said. Or not in the way he says them.

If you see a copy grab it! And while you are reading it think of me in a tuk tuk in a traffic jam with thunder overhead and a forgotten umbrella. Your review will probably come in quicker than mine!

Cheers from Bangkok!


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