New Preston Child book: BEYOND THE ICE LIMIT published today


Damn! Hugh Paxton’s blog will have to buy another book shelf to accommodate the Douglas Preston Lincoln Child collection! I’m so glad these guys keep writing! It really is a thrill. And I’ve been thinking about a new book shelf for some time. 15 years in the making, bizarre, twisted frightening…is this book going to work or not?

Cheers from Hugh in Bangkok!

PS Totally unconnected – I have just hosed away two bizarre, twisted, frightening toads that have been using my drain as an amplifier for their mating calls. It didn’t work yesterday and annoyed me. They were trying again tonight. So I hosed em. They can continue their vocal mischief in the canal. This PS has absolutely nothing to do with Preston or Child. I just wanted to get it off my chest!

From: Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child []
Sent: Tuesday, May 17, 2016 10:16 PM
Subject: BEYOND THE ICE LIMIT published today

Greetings to our readers,

We are excited to tell you that our new novel, BEYOND THE ICE LIMIT, is published today, MAY 17.

BEYOND THE ICE LIMIT, starring Gideon Crew and Eli Glinn, is the long, long-awaited sequel to THE ICE LIMIT. We apologize to our readers that it took us fifteen years (!) to write this sequel. We believe, however, that the bizarre, twisted, and frightening idea we finally came up with is worth the wait. We want to emphasize that BEYOND THE ICE LIMIT is a complete, stand-alone novel; you do not have to have read the earlier book to appreciate this one.

We are also very happy to tell you about a special program we have produced especially for our newsletter subscribers, in which the two of us discuss the book, argue a little, make feeble jokes, talk about where our ideas came from, and try to explain how we work together. The twenty minute program is available online for streaming. Barbara Peters of the Poisoned Pen bookstore emcees the program and tries to keep the tone civil. You can watch the program at this link.

Thank you again for being a loyal reader, and we hope you like BEYOND THE ICE LIMIT.

With warm regards,

Doug & Linc

Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

P.O. Box 162

Convent Station, NJ 07961

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Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, P.O. Box 162, Convent Station, NJ 07961
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