Chang’s View: Hunter


His view remains very much Chang! I think as eco warriors go Chang is more than capable of hugging a bunny and calling for world peace but would rather go to work with an AK and kick ass! As the Yanks put it. Chang would be more polite about it. “Turn around! No! Don’t look at me! Silence! Kneel down now. Now.” Gunshot.

I call that conservation in action! I don’t think he’s cut out for running a hedgehog home in Kent. But I might be wrong. He is fundamentally a very gentle, caring man. It’s just that people killing animals for profit, criminal syndicates stealing his nation’s rose wood trees, wrecking the environment, screwing things up, shooting national park wardens barely equipped with shoes let alone a rifle …these things annoy him. And, by coincidence, they annoy me! Neither of us will go down well at a tea party of trendy lefties or …no that’s unfair! Chang would go down very well. Everybody could look concerned and ask him about political oppression in Myanmar as if he was a child or a museum exhibit. He’d say almost nothing. And would mean every word he didn’t say.

Guess that’s why I like him!

An unlucky hunter! Chang’s got that one right! Rather inconvenient. I just wrote a post saying large snakes don’t kill people.

Glad the snake got the fat bastard! But my post is now history! If Chang wants a coffee tomorrow he’s going to make it himself!


From: Chang Htoo []

Behind animals you .Behind you animals.If you hunt animals .Animals will hunt you.

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