Thai Days: Exploding python


The interesting thing about this morning was that there was an explosion at 4 AM. I slept through that. Everybody else woke up but had the courtesy to let me snooze away.

The electricity went down. When I woke up this was of concern! I couldn’t raise a response from my kettle. No cup of tea! I didn’t particularly want a cup of tea but now I could not have one I wanted one!

The explosion was not a new phenomenon. Happens quite frequently. A lot of electric wires are overhead. A rather ugly tangle but also a strange new ecosystem. A means of transport for rats and squirrels, a perch for birds, perfect for a tree frog, a road for ants, a highway for intrepid species who prefer a bit of height. The explosions occur when a snake joins the party. It connects the electric wires and blam! Lights out.

This morning a reticulated python landed in my garden. Half of it in one place. The other half nearby. It had been partially cooked and when it comes to messing with electric wires and causing explosions both bits of it were clearly guilty of all charges. It wasn’t as big as the python that ate my cat, just a meter, but still a heavy snake. I’ve got it in a bag. I’m not sure what to do with it. I don’t want to waste it. My obscene beagle wants to eat it. But that’s beagles. They want to eat everything.

That’s about it news summary for this morning in Bangkok.




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