Honda CRV For Sale!


Hugh Paxton’s Blog suggests that if you live in Thailand or are coming to live in Thailand this set of wheels will not let you down. A couple of mild, all but invisible, dings from taxis and one wing mirror that needs a thump from time to time but a very smooth ride. You can break the speed limit without even noticing you are doing it! I always regret leaving a car I love but life moves on and we can’t ship this one to New York. Price wise it’s an absolute bargain. Get in touch. Give me the cash and give it a loving home. It will take you anywhere. It also has an annoying GPS feature with a voice (Karen) who will tell you where you are. If Karen gets annoying you can turn her off. Sometimes it’s a dilemma. Listen to Karen and have a bossy front seat driver. Or shut her up and get lost. We had a British voice but he was just too damn arrogant and overbearing. So we went for Karen.

Contact me ASAP or my beloved wife before somebody else does! This car is lovely!

From: Midori Paxton [mailto:midori.paxton]
Subject: Honda CRV For Sale!

Dear Colleagues,

As I am relocating to NY at the end of June, I am selling my vehicle as below and attached.


2005 Model, 65,000 km on the clock.

Imported from Japan in August 2010. Fully serviced this month.

Excellent condition, just minor scratches and a tiny dent.

Available on June 27.

I would appreciate it if you could circulate this through your networks.

Thank you!

Best wishes,


Car for sale.pdf

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  1. Hugh Paxton Says:

    We have sold the car. Good new owner. Good price. Good car. Everybody happy. I’ll pull this post shortly. If anybody in the Bangkok area wants books we have hundreds. Thrillers, crime, mysteries, travel guides, childrens…lots of books. And we are also selling a significant quantity of furniture. And intriguing, but not particularly useful, decorations, curios, and bits and bobs. Details to be posted soon.

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