Book review: The Salmon – the extraordinary story of the king of fish


Hugh Paxton’s Blog was given this book by my esteemed and most beloved sister. I started reading it some months ago and then, as often happens, it vanished. I have just caught it again. Why it was in a shoebox remains one of those great and frequent Paxton household mysteries!

The Salmon. Written by Michael Wigan. Published by WilliamCollins. It is all you need to know about salmon. A smooth read. Entrancing. Amazing! Disturbing. Depressing. Uplifting. Very salmon-y! You’ve probably eaten one recently. Now read all about it!

I have the vague suspicion that I’ve reviewed this book before. But if I have I’ve lost it. Rather like the book. Anyway both book and a review require a new look!


In Bangkok (where salmon is on many menus and is cooked and prepared in frequently unusual but exciting ways)

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  1. Ridgway RiverFest Says:

    Hi, Hugh, My friend just published a children’s book about salmon: The Amazing Journey of Solomon The Sockeye Salmon! Here’s my article about it:

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