The Top 12 Ways World Can End Hunger While Stemming Environmental Damage from Food Systems


Here’s some more encouraging reading from UNEP!

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Food production is in focus in the new UNEP Report. Responsibly grown tomatoes. Food production is in focus in the new UNEP Report.

Latest International Resource Panel report lists 12 ways to use natural resources more efficiently, improve human health and reduce the environmental damage caused by food systems

UNEP Press Release Nairobi, 25 May 2016 – A major overhaul of the global food system is urgently needed if the world is to combat hunger, use natural resources more efficiently and stem environmental damage, the International Resource Panel (IRP) says.

In its latest report, the IRP – a consortium of 34 internationally renowned scientists, over 30 national governments and other groups hosted by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) – calls for a switch to a “resource-smart” food system that changes the way food is grown, harvested, processed, traded, transported, stored, sold and consumed.

Current food systems, which the IRP says are “inefficient” and “unsustainable”, are responsible for 60…

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