Thai Days: If this guy’s just been swallowed by a python I’m Ronald McDonald:


Hugh Paxton’s blog has seen some great fakes! I particularly liked the giant shark attacking a helicopter! Chang has submitted this one.

Some tedious people constructed a blog designed to debunk and expose this sort of thing. They were genuinely upset about it.

Lies, fraud, politicians – yes complain, react, prevent. But I reckon seeing a giant shark attacking a helicopter adds interest to life, photos of bigfoot, a hunt for the Howler of the Yukon, flying saucers, the Jersey Devil…they are just fun.

And nothing to compare with some of the media headlines in papers prominently displayed by check outs in American and British shopping malls. “German bomber discovered on the Moon” “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse ride in Argentina!” It’s all clearly rubbish.

Things go wrong if people believe it. And some people do. Which is why they plan to vote for any American presidential candidate. Or flock to see Thaksin’s disgraced daughter suddenly reappear on the Thailand political scene. I thought she was in jail or in exile. More Red Shirt revival with her back! That is a joke!

I stopped my April Fool’s blog posts after the winged baby attacks doctors in Vietnam post attracted more hits than my serious posts about political problems. I’m not altogether surprised. A winged baby going berserk was obviously more interesting than a bunch of Red Shirts occupying downtown Bangkok! And the thing in my drain (clearly absurd) wasted the time of serious British scientists.

This python swallowing a man is utterly unconvincing! And should be respected and enjoyed as such!


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