My wife’s speech at recent Trondheim conference


Hugh Paxton’s Blog isn’t suggesting you watch the entire thing – it is five hours long! But my beloved wife, Midori, takes the stage after roughly two hours. If you don’t know what she looks like she is the Japanese woman. She keeps looking down and to her right not because she finds the Norwegian wood (en floor) interesting but because that is where she can see her power point presentation. Power point images displayed on the youtube video next to her as she speaks.

She, of course, feels her performance was abysmal and would like to erase the entire episode from history. I reckon she did rather well! But nothing I ever say that is positive about her carries any weight whatsoever. Her view is “You are my husband. Of course you’d say that.” Kinda frustrating! But I guess women are like that.



From: Midori Paxton []
To: Hugh Paxton
Subject: Trondheim

It is this video – from around 2 hours in. Embarrasing…

Midori Paxton

Senior Technical Adviser, Ecosystems and Biodiversity

Head: Ecosystems and Biodiversity Programme

UNDP – Global Environmental Finance Unit

Bureau for Policy and Programme Support

304 East 45th Street, room 929
New York, NY 10017

Telephone: +1-212-906-5178
mobile: +1-347-249-6178

Skype: midori.paxton Follow us:

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