Sponsored efforts and African musical results


Hugh Paxton’s Blog received this rather charming anthem from Belinda. I have the sneaking suspicion that I didn’t actually cough up any cash for Belinda’s run despite promising to sponsor it. This wouldn’t be the first time. Back in 1979 (or thereabouts) I sponsored a friend, Mark, to push a hospital bed with a nurse in it up and down a steep road in High Wycombe. A lot of people did. They felt Mark needed the exercise. And for some reason Mark felt the hospital needed something or other that the government wasn’t paying for. He might have also been interested in the High Wycombe hospital nurses.

He pushed the bed and nurse up and down and then after almost being admitted to hospital for cardiac arrest, muscle strain, everybody felt extremely reluctant to give him any money.

So he paid. And I hate to say it we all thought it was really funny.

Thus is the way with many a sponsored effort. My advice: if doing something for charity ask your sponsors to pay up first with the mutual understanding that you will provide a refund if you fail to meet your objective.

Belinda seems to have met her objective! Probably because she is a lot prettier than Mark!

Enjoy the music. I’ll be seeing Belinda in August. Guess I’ll have to do the decent thing and cough up!

Cheers from Bangkok!


Over to Belinda!


Hello lovely people,
do you remember ages ago you sponsored me for a run I did for my sister’s charity.?
This is the song recorded by the kids on the first exchange project. …recorded at Air studios by Guy Chambers!

And if you have a longer mo.
this is of story of the charity with my sister, Linda and Helena Bonham Carter as talking heads, plus the kids talking about their experiences… which had me in tears : ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nvC85GT8nGc

Love to all,

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