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Angkor Wat. Hugh Paxton’s Blog loves ruins but with ruins on this scale one tends to get slightly tired of them. It’s the ABC tour syndrome “Another Bloody Cathedral”. While I was ABW (Another Bloody Wat) I was thinking of other things. The birds! Exquisite! Alive! Busy!The Chinese woman with the horrid pink pants blocking my narrow stairs, her hideous black underwear as she struggled higher and things became more revealing. Things kept slipping off in her brave fight to extricate herself from her confines. I saw more of her privacy than I needed. It was just a silly incident. But it was in a way quite important.

This Chinese woman was no doubt a success in her way. Family. Good cook. Small business perhaps. Bureaucrat most likely. But she was on a typical Chinese organized tour. A xenophobic herd of jabbering frightened and aggressive sheep following a leader with a flag, taking photos to show to the herds and flocks back home. No interest in anything. Just the prestige of being there.

Many of us feel we are free when we travel. We don’t follow flag waggers! We can find our way! This ineffectual Chinese flab was an obvious target for ridicule.

We are better than that. Or I hope so. But no matter how wise we are there are still things underfoot and very much unexplored.

This is fascinating! Read on!

Cheers from Bangkok!


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