Chang’s View: 4


Hugh Paxton’s blog got this from Chang. Never a man of many words this image shows current living conditions in his house by the canal. Guests from Myanmar (friends relatives) doing some painting here before going back. My esteemed wife showed little interest. She remarked that’s how she used to live in Japan. Come to think of it that’s how I lived in Japan during my first years! Only I slept in the cupboard. My beloved daughter was also unimpressed. “We had ten in one room during my sleepover.” OK. Maybe overcrowding not a big deal. But along with no elbow room he’s only got a microwave and a one ring stove. I’ve slipped him 200 baht for rice takeaways. I did offer him use of one of our guest rooms but he graciously declined. These chaps are in his charge and I think he wants to make sure they feel safe and protected. If he was swanking about at our place it would leave them feeling vulnerable. A nice fellow is Chang! And I like his men. Not to the extent that I’d plan to move in. But what I really like about the Burmese and Thais is that they work hard, don’t complain and can always summon a smile. Even if five of them are sharing one sleeping bag.

Cheers from Bangkok!


From: Chang Htoo []
To: Hugh Paxton
Subject: 4

4 and me.

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