Anthony Brian Logan: “Dear Black Lives (LIES) Matter, Stop Blocking Traffic and Focus on …” and more videos


Hugh Paxton’s Blog’s arrival in the US has coincided with a number of fairly appalling incidents and another flare up in deja vu debate on race relations, gun control, heavy handed police response etc. The TV here has lots of channels showing a lot of rubbish and tediously frequent ads for dodgy legal firms specializing in injury claims and rather explicit medical products. The news coverage I have seen so far is either lightweight, tabloid, heavily opinionated or dominated by repeat footage. Mostly it is very firmly focused on the domestic with the occasional foray into Europe. It is too early to generalize and the place we are renting has a rather limited bouquet so I’ll probably need to review my review in a few weeks time! I’m not sure why Anthony Logan sent me this but I’m glad he did. A very non mainstream series of opinion pieces not really reflected on what I’ve seen on the tele to date. Worth exploring and deserving further dissemination and discussion. Perhaps even some common sense action!

Cheers from Brooklyn!


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Dear Black Lives (LIES) Matter, Stop Blocking Traffic and Focus on …15 hours ago • 3,524 views
photo.jpg Anthony Brian Logan
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Islamic Extremism In UK Schools, BBC Asian Network, EDL, UKIP, Brit…3 days ago • 713 views
photo.jpg PatrioticWarlord
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