Love at first sight.. Nairobi giraffe sanctuary



I thought it was going well. That we’d really got something special. But it’s been five days since we met. I’m now in Istanbul, destined for England. She hasn’t phoned, written, tweeted…yup, guess it’s the same sad old story. Middle aged man meets giraffe, offers pellets, giraffe eats pellets. Middle aged man runs out of pellets. Giraffe moves on. Don’t be deceived by those long fluttering eyelashes, those deep and dreaming, pool-like eyes. Heartache and hollow disappointment is the destiny of anyone getting mixed up with plains giraffe! – Hugh 


2 Responses to “Love at first sight.. Nairobi giraffe sanctuary”

  1. wildopene Says:

    Better to have loved and lost! Sweet giraffe sugars, but as you say, it was not destined to last, just a holiday romance really.

  2. Hugh Paxton Says:

    Love will fly if held too lightly
    Love will die if held too tightly

    And any man who lacks sufficient pellets (of alfalfa and other good stuff) is doomed. Wildopeneye you are correct. Holiday romance. Never practical!


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