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Thai Days: Dark Side of Buddhism – BBC

June 1, 2015

Hugh Paxton’s Blog enjoys living in Thailand for many reasons. One of these is that it is Buddhist. I’m not particularly religious but the underlying philosophies of Buddhism – well, I can live quite happily alongside them; they don’t evangelise, order me around, annoy me, insist my wife be wrapped in a black bag, ban beer and bacon, don’t encourage adherents to murder each other because of doctrinal divisions etc. In most cases Buddhists come across as decent, easygoing people with a generosity of spirit and tolerance and that is why so many visitors to Thailand leave with fond memories. Not everybody does, of course, but people are people, good bad and ugly the world over. And wearing the saffron robe is not an automatic guarantee of inner peace. On rare occasions it may be concealing an assassin’s weapon.

The following two BBC reports (video and audio – I prefer the audio, it’s less glib) dwell on a branch of Buddhism that has sprouted some atypical fruit, both in Sri Lanka and Myanmar and, to a lesser degree, in Thailand.


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Radio version too:

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Visit The Maldives! A paradise where rape victims are flogged and tourists get ripped off!

February 28, 2013

Hugh Paxton’s Blog suggests that anybody considering a holiday in the Maldives changes their plans.

First: It’s ridiculously expensive. Your flight there may seem cheap but once you are in paradise everything comes with a bill from hell.

Second: It couldn’t be described as humane. A 15 year old girl was raped by her step father and was dumb enough to report it. The police investigated and arghhh! discovered that this young hussy had had sex with somebody else. Yes, she’d been raped by step dad, but the court wasn’t bothered about that. She’d had sex with some chap while she was under the legal age of 18.

The Islamist (yes, them again) government found this outrageous behaviour offensive.

What does this 15 year old girl get for her sin?

100 lashes.

I shit you not!

100 lashes.

There are options.

She can be lashed when she reaches the age of eighteen.

Or, if she’d like to be lashed now she can request it.

“The sentence will be enforced immediately if she wants it to be carried out now,” said the court.

Not much news coverage of the rapist. He’s free. No lashings for him.

Maldives. Do you really want to go there?

Hugh in Bangkok

Sit properly on your motorbike ladies: Wow Sharia strikes again!

January 3, 2013

Hugh Paxton blog travel advisory goes out to women in, or visiting, Indonesia’s state of Ache

BLOG ED NOTE: Aceh, surely?

Me; I stand corrected. Aceh. You remember it? A tsunami hit it with severity, you all knowingly (or unknowingly) rushed to its rescue and the usual pitiful images of disaster victims fleetingly appeared on TV screens then moved over to make room for more disasters elsewhere.

BLOG ED NOTE: Yes I think we all remember Ache.

Me: Aceh.

BLOG ED NOTE: Ache, Aceh, who gives a damn. It’s somewhere in Indonesia and they don’t want women riding on motorbikes.  Is that your point? If it is, get to this point! Promptly!

Me: We all know that women are despicable temptresses, sluts, unclean abominations and I applaud Arse.


Me: Yes them.  In Arse.

BLOG ED NOTE: An acre is an area of land.

Me: Yes, and I know it.  I don’t recall raising the issue of acres. My point is this – the wise and holy men of Aceh have decided that women can’t straddle scooters or motorbikes because it  will  “provoke the male driver.” They can, however,  sit side saddle as long as they are “dressed in a Muslim way.”

BLOG ED: Weary sigh…




Horrible bastards

October 15, 2012

Hugh Paxton’s Blog has a section in its library called Horrible Bastards. I don’t use it too often. Not that horrible bastards are in short supply but because it could become a full time job and this blog hopes to save a bit of time and space for nice things; fluffy bunnies, good news and the trusting twinkling smile of a new born child.

But for tonight I’m reopening my Horrible Bastards department.

Because these bastards are horrible and deserve a bit of profiling.

Let’s start with Taliban spokesman Ahsanullah Ahsan (on the telephone).

“This was a new chapter of obscenity,” said he to the world, unrepentant. “And we have to finish this chapter.”

Ahsan was talking about the shooting of three young Pakistani girls on a school bus in the Swat valley, once dubbed the Switzerland of Pakistan and the sort of place honeymooners (and young girls going to school) would head for.

The obscenity he was describing wasn’t the shooting of unarmed teenaged girls off for a maths lesson – it was the girls going to school.

That’s what struck Arsehole as obscene. And who could disagree with that? Girls? Going to school! Now that is seriously obscene! Abhorrent! What would all those virgins waiting in Paradise with bottles of wine for Taliban teetotal martyrs make of that sort of thing?

Yes, right, all those celestial virgins would be shocked and horrified! They’d give the gallant child murderer flirtatious winks and girly giggles and say “Oh you are so brave! Have some wine? Rampant sex with us all for eternity? Oh, come come come on, don’t be coy! We’re gagging for it! You’re so bearded, so ruggedly ugly! And you’ve killed (or failed to kill) three young girls!) So brave you are! So flushed with honour! Bring on virgin one! Stenchhole Armpitsa. Plus her flies. And her wine’s made in Siberia using, among other fluids, liquids involved effectively in toilet purges.

“God’s great. And I’m a martyr and I’ve tried to kill three children ! Is there anything else on the menu?”

“Nope, not until you’ve finished infinity with Stenchhole Arrmpitsa. Then you get your next virgin.”

“But that’s going to take years! God is great give me a break?”

“Rules are rules. Read the Koran!”

“I can’t read! This isn’t fair! I gunned down three little girls while I was shouting God is Great! I think I deserve better than that…virgin! She looks like a yeti!!!”

“No mate. She’s a virgin. Virginal. Hymen intact. Medical tests confirm it. Pure as the driven snow. Enjoy your eternal copulations. And no more questions. And leave your AK at the door Move it! There’s a queue!”

Hey ho, let’s leave Jihad’s heaven behind and get back to reality!

The gunman, definitely a horrible bastard, didn’t know what his target looked like. So he called out her name and one of her friends pointed her out. She didn’t see what was coming. The intended victim did and, quite understandably denied being her. When in doubt shoot as many girls as time and ammunition permit then run. That’s what our Taliban hero did.

Malala Yousafzai, the 14 year old who was the intended target had not just had the temerity to want to go to school but had gone a few steps further. She’d started a blog and had started sending her diaries to the BBC.

I hope she recovers. I hope her school friends recover.

People have been arrested. Pakistan and the world is appalled.

The Taliban made a major mistake when they blew up the Buddhist images in those magical, spiritual caves in Afghanistan. They’ve blown a lot more by attempting to kill brave little girls.



Thai Days: Monday morning, mozzies flood cats and horrible stupid muslims

October 1, 2012

Hugh Paxton’s Blog has nothing against Monday mornings in general but today’s edition of Monday morning is proving to be a bit of a test.

I woke early and couldn’t see much. Mozzies had spent the earlier hours biting and blood sucking my eyelids. The stinkers!

Visually challenged I did a pretty good job of making breakfast and did an even better job of dropping stuff all over the kitchen floor.

I had help.

Our two cats (that we rescued from an uncertain fate – probably death – after last year’s floods) currently hate each other and race around the house making ghastly noises and smashing everything in their war path. Today’s battleground included the kitchen.

BITCHING ABOUT CATS: It was rather sad to witness the anarchy, mess, ruin and waste that two really irritating cats can generate in less than a minute of rushing, jumping, yowling and knocking herbs, rice, coffee, sausages etc. off shelves and on to the floor.

But what I particularly hate about my cats (apart from their selfish  natures, their current raucous feud, and their eternal desire to be stroked and petted and crooned over while shitting and vomiting on my favourite and most expensive Persian carpet) is their predatory urge to eat geckos. Geckos clear mozzies big time. If these damn cats could just eat their nutritious crunchy dry, rather unattractive, pellets that I pay lots of money for, rather than try to eat my geckos then I wouldn’t have to wake up with my face looking as if I’ve contracted smallpox.

ANIMAL RIGHTS VIOLATION: I put the boot in. Despite my swollen eyelids I think I got a couple of useful punts to cattish arse. The cats ran like shite. And it made my heart glad and my Monday morning feel more promising!

Alas! Joy is but a fleeting thing. While my eyelids were beginning to stop itching and stinging and I was thinking of happy things – two strangled cats, my daughter’s lovely face, my wife’s entrancing smile and graceful composure, the multi-coloured ripple of my tropical fish in their serene pond (and why is there a turtle in there? I didn’t buy it, I don’t want it! If anybody reading this post is responsible for depositing a baby turtle  in my pond please remove that turtle!) ,  I opened my newspaper.

HORRIBLE NEWS: Whooppee! Muslims!

A couple of days ago I heard that a bunch of Muslims was holding a Prayer for Peace pray in central Bangkok.

I thought, stupidly, that some people had come to their senses. That Muslims could behave like rational people.

The Bangkok Muslim prayer for peace thing didn’t involve suicide bombings but the people who were praying for peace mainly griped about images offending Islam. No points! Pathetic!

While all these dickheads were raising their bums and kissing their prayer mats Islamist militants in the deep south of Thailand were planning rocket attacks against a food fair featuring lots of local food stalls, children’s entertainments, a happy family day out.

The militants blew the fair up. Lots of people died. There were numerous other shootings.

God is Great?

Yes, I’m sure he’d approve. Kill lots of people who are trying to buy breakfast? Good work boys!  Don’t pass Go

Straight to heaven for y’all!

OK, let’s move on. All the dead in the south have been forgotten by most people waking up this Monday mourning. Their families will never forget. But hey ho its off to work we go!

What really pisses me off this morning is the Islamic community in Bangladesh. They are in my face this Monday morning because 25,000 of them became offended by   something on the internet allegedly defaming the Koran. The post on the web was by a young Buddhist man (or maybe it wasn’t – it could have been sent to him). End result? 25,000 ranting Muslims set fire to at least five Buddhist temples (one 300 years old), burned houses in villages that housed Buddhists and, no surprise here! stole things from shops and ran away with them for personal profit.

It’s Monday morning. I woke up early.

So did my wife. There’s a demonstration planned outside her UN building. She wanted to get to her office before it started and disrupted traffic. And wow, let’s take a wild guess! Who’s demonstrating outside the UN building? Buddhists? Christians? Zoroastrians?

Or ????

This stuff’s so depressing!


My plan now is to go back to bed. When I wake up it may all have been a dream!    And it’ll be a brave new rational Monday! Without mad cats and mozzies and Islamic hysterics.

Wish me sweet dreams!



Fun in the Sun (or not really)

September 5, 2012

Hugh Paxton’s blog welcomes you to The Maldives, tropical paradise, dream tourist destination.

Let’s begin.

A court has ordered a public flogging.

The 16-year-old girl who is to be flogged in public had pre-marital sex with a man, aged 27. He has been sentenced to ten years in jail.

That will teach him!

The girl has been treated more leniently.

If she chooses the option of eight months house arrest she won’t be flogged in public.

When she’s eighteen, the rest of the Sharia law will re-awake and she’ll get her public flogging then.

Thinking of a holiday destination? Don’t think Maldives.

Do you want to relax and unwind with these people?

Strange but True: Unholy water?

May 28, 2012

Hugh Paxton’s Blog has posted some seriously stupid stories generated by religiously minded people. Islam has provided the majority – and I have every confidence that it will continue to do so – but today we cast our eyes towards India and some of its Catholics.

The tale begins in March this year. In the west of Mumbai.

An effigy of Christ on the cross began leaking.

“Thousands of believers flocked…when drops of water began to fall from the feet of Jesus on the cross, drinking the prized liquid in the hope that it had holy powers.”

Enter Sanal Edamaruku, president of the Indian Rationalist Association. He inspected the miracle and declared that the tears of Christ were originating from a bit of faulty plumbing and that pilgrims were drinking toilet leakage making the beverage “dangerous to imbibe”.

This suggestion that the cross was releasing urine pissed off the faithful and after heated debates televised and broadcast elsewhere, Joseph Dias joined the fray.

Dias is the general secretary of the Catholic Christian Secular Forum. Dias described the Rationalist’s toilet water claim as exhibiting anti-Christian bias. He added that the dripping crucifix wasn’t a miracle because it had not been pronounced as such by the church.

But some enraged Catholics are not entirely satisfied with this rather luke warm attempt at pouring oil on troubled waters. They want the rationalist charged under India’s blasphemy law.

This bans “deliberate and malicious acts intended to outrage religious feelings of any class by insulting its religion or religious beliefs”. It can earn the blasphemer three years in prison.

Says an unrepentant Mr. Edamaruku “I always think there are two Indias. The 21st century which is progressive, modern, scientific and 17th century India which is pulling us back to the dark ages of intolerance, bigotry and superstition.”

I wouldn’t describe myself as rational and I wouldn’t describe myself as religious. But I do heed good advice. When in India, don’t drink the water! Particularly this water.




May 16, 2012

Hugh Paxton’s Blog got this and it’s well worth a read. The links are interesting. The people have a point to make and it is a very good point. The organisation has been defamed by accusations of racism but its membership includes people of colour, gays, Muslims. It isn’t fascist. It’s an angry multi-cultural movement tired of horrid behaviour. Give it a go!



EDL Newsletter May 2012

Welcome to the EDL Newsletter for April. This month we have extended the coverage to bring you an update on the very successful demonstration in Luton and to bring you some breaking news.

We are hoping to bring you the newsletter to your in-box fortnightly instead of monthly bringing you the very latest EDL news, events and gossip. We shall also be including a short spotlight on aspects of Islam and Sharia. It is often said that knowledge is power. However, it is the use of knowledge that is power and by knowing Islam we have the knowledge to confront Islamists and their apologists and so by using this knowledge work towards highlighting the Islamist agenda and it’s incompatibility with British democracy, law and culture.


We would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who contributed to the funds for security. The items were bought for Luton. If you missed the original appeal but would still like to donate, the please do. The EDL is a voluntary organisation and is completely self-funded from generous donations.

Demonstration 17th April – Outside the Home Office London

A demonstration was held on the Tuesday of April 17th outside the Home Office. The protest was called to demand the extradition of Abu Qatada a known terrorist criminal. The protest was also held to highlight the governments reluctance to deal with terrorists especially those from abroad.

The day went very well and as usual was a peaceful (as peaceful as an EDL protest can be when the UAF/SWP/Trade Unionist thugs are in town). The police once again were in prominence, though they were probably not needed in such numbers. The UAF/SWP and the PCS trade union staged a counter-protest and traded insults with the lads and ladies of the EDL. They resorted to the usual insults of calling us racists and Islamophobes, which is really odd when you consider there were lads who were clearly non-white and who were also strangely enough Muslim.

The event was organised by the Essex Division and a big thank you must also go to the SDL who made it south across the border to lend their support. It was a tremendous success and a was good day for those who attended.

It must be remembered that whilst Abu Qatada has never been charged in the UK with any particular terrorism crime, he is under a UN embargo and is also wanted in other places around the world for his connections with various terrorist activities. He is a Jordanian and the only reason the government is being prevented from repatriating him back to Jordan, is that the European Court of Human Rights believes that any trial that he may have to stand, will use evidence against Qatada that was obtained under torture. There is no proof that this will happened and even the Jordanians themselves have made promises that no such thing will happen, our government still prevaricate.
France and Germany, have both ignored the European Court on Human Rights and deported several Islamic terror suspects. We just want our government to do the same. We want them to think of the safety of British people over the safety of a man who is clearly wanting to murder innocent people for his religion.

Luton 5th May

Saturday saw the return of the EDL to Luton. This had originally been planned as a birthday celebration, celebrating the three years since the founding of the EDL in Luton. In those three years we have highlighted the problems of Islamism and Sharia law in the UK and in Luton.

The celebrations were still held, but the day became a protest at Luton borough council and Luton in Harmony who steadfastly refuse to accept that there is a problem with Islam and Islamism in the town. This is despite yet another group of Islamic terror suspects being arrested on charges of terrorism.


Both Tommy and Kev gave excellent speeches highlighting the blindness of the council and it’s organisation, Luton in Harmony, to Islamic radicalism that is prevalent in the town and the inaction of Luton in Harmony and the council to tackle it.

As always, the UAF were in attendance having their own counter demonstration along with the strangely named We Are Luton. Some of the UAF tried to break away from the main protest to attack the EDL but were easily contained by the police. There was some bottle throwing and other missiles thrown, but most of the disturbances came from the UAF.

It was a good day, with good speeches and was by and large peaceful. It was at this event that news of epic proportions was announced, but more of that later. Thanks to Everyone who attended and made it a special day. We also could not let the event pass without a birthday cake and sure enough one was produced.

Tommy and Kev Announce Joining of the British Freedom Party


Congratulations to both Tommy and Kev, who on Saturday announced their intentions to join the British Freedom Party.

It has been much discussed and rumoured, but now it is a fact. Tommy and Kev have both joined the British Freedom Party. Tommy and Kev will be acting in the role of vice-chairman of the party alongside chairman Paul Weston. This marks a turning point in the history of the EDL and of the British Freedom Party. Both have the same ideals and aims. The British Freedom Party can provide the political platform, whilst the EDL will supply the support. Together we can try working to rebuild our country and rid ourselves of this cancer of Islamic extremism.

Believe in God or get beaten up and sent to prison.

January 22, 2012

Hugh Paxton’s blog roundly condemns the sheer blasphemy and monstrous behaviour of Alexander An (30) who had the temerity to engage in a debate on Facebook about God. Alexander said that he didn’t believe in God. In this case Allah.

“The man told police investigators that if God really exists and has absolute power why didn’t he prevent bad things happening,” local police chief, Chairul Aziz said according to AFP

God proved Alexander right by not appearing and not stopping bad things happening. A mob of Islamics (as usual) beat the poor guy up.  He’s facing a potential jail sentence. In Indonesia it is against the law to not believe in God. In some islands and in some cases.  According to American common law it’s illegal not to believe in God in America.  

If Alexander gets sent to jail I shall be sending him biscuits, dried pork, sketches of the Prophet and such other small comforts as Indonesia’s Islamic justice allows.



Oh dear! Another Islamist prohibition. Facebook in Iran

January 9, 2012

Keith: Blimey Hugh, what’s this about? I was just ready to go for that beer we talked about in your last post!

Hugh: Facebook’s un-Islamic (unless all posts are Islamic) and that’s official. Some guy with a beard in Iran has just declared it. !.3 million Iranian Facebookers are in potential danger.

Keith: Well at the end of the day it’s the guys with beards who count. The Dog and Duck’s got a happy hour. What’s keeping you?

Hugh: I lived in Iran! I liked Iranians! They deserve better than this!

Keith: If they want better then they’ve got to work for it. Iran’s not Arab, right?

Hugh: Correct.

Keith: Time for an Iran Spring?

Hugh: Might be a good idea. Yeah, a beer in the Dog and Duck! We’ll lift a glass to a free Iran.

Keith: You take this stuff too seriously. Next you’ll be going on about northern Islamics contemplating religiously motivated genocide in Nigeria.

Hugh: Yeah, silly old me.

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