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Thai Days: Festival of India in Thailand from 19 – 31 March 2014

March 12, 2014

Hugh Paxton’s Blog plans to skip the yoga. But the India Food Festival! You will catch me there! This effort looks like great fun! Wish it well and if you are in town check it out!

From: Indian Cultural Centre Bangkok []
Sent: Wednesday, March 12, 2014 6:40 PM
To: undisclosed-recipients:
Subject: Festival of India in Thailand from 19 – 31 March 2014

Embassy of India, Bangkok presents "Festival of India in Thailand" from 19 – 31 March 2014.

You are cordially invited to join various activities being held in different places in Bangkok as per the detail in the poster below:

Entry to all events free of cost except Food Festival at Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel.

Strange But True: Field Hospital – quite unbelievable.

February 8, 2013

Hugh Paxton’s Blog suggests that if you are an impoverished woman seeking discount sterililisation treatment in Malda, West Bengal, think again. As soon as the op is over doctors at an un-named hospital ask assistants to remove you. They do. Bed space is limited. You end up in a field adjacent to the health facility to wake up and clear off in your own time. AFP reports that over 100 women have thus far enjoyed the experience.

Brigitte’s Pick: Praat van LUI

December 13, 2012

Hugh Paxton’s Blog thanks Brigitte for this latest post on health and fitness.

I am sure all readers will agree that it provides food for thought. Rather disturbing food for thought, actually.

People do this?

If, on the off chance, an alien arrived and asked me to take him/it/her to my leader I’d be stumped. There isn’t a leader. If the alien looked friendly I’d send him to Bhutan where Gross National Happiness is a priority. If the alien looked like a bad piece of work intent on mischief I’d send him to North Korea to meet that fat freak who just launched some excuse for a satellite that won’t function and will probably explode as usual.

I’d be doing OK.

But if the alien asked me to explain the following, I’d just have to giggle nervously and say “Listen, buddy, I just got here myself from Thrombinox 14 Aplha phtangg phtang Olaf Biscuit Barrel in Nebula 8.”

“You work it out,” I would add.

And the alien would have this lot to contemplate at its leisure.

Human health and fitness programs!

Leonie’s View: The secret …

November 28, 2012

Hugh Paxton’s Blog expects this sort of post from Leonie our relentlessly politically incorrect Namibian correspondent. Make of it what you will. I’m unsure that the interview is true. But looking at her photo I am half way convinced. She looks a hand full and if I met her I’d give her a big sloppy kiss and ask her for a snifter of JD before taking her to an optician to reduce the huge optical enhancing lens action. She’d kick me in the balls and say her glasses suited her and then we’d have another JD and she’d offer me a joint and I’d say “Sorry Maam, that wouldn’t be legal” and she’d thwack my ears and say, “Get your pesky ass off my porch before I find my dentures and bite you!”

The Secret …

Bless her little heart….. How sweet……..
The secret to long life…

A doctor on his morning walk, noticed the old lady pictured above:,

She was sitting on her front step smoking a cigar, so he walked up to her and said,

“I couldn’t help but notice how happy you look! What is your secret?”

“I smoke ten cigars a day,” she said. “Before I go to bed, I smoke a nice big joint.

Apart from that, I drink a whole bottle of Jack Daniels every week, and eat only junk food.

On weekends, I pop pills, have sex, and I don’t exercise at all.

“That is absolutely amazing! How old are you?”

“Forty,” she replied

Beware Deadly Fat Burner DNP

November 28, 2012

Hugh Paxton’s Blog got this message.

It reads as follows and of course it goes on my blog. Any message of public interest does.


Should this go on your blog? These deadly fat burning pills could be in Asia too.

Very nasty stuff

The Day of the Toilet! November 19! Toilets: we all need to ‘go’

November 14, 2012

Hugh Paxton’s Blog hadn’t heard of the day of the toilet and at first learning of this historic occasion I thought that’s a bit silly. But upon reflection, while sitting on my toilet, I thought it’s actually a rather good idea. Check the following for reasons why.

Leonie’s View: From today’s Namibian newspape: Witch gave me sick leave.

November 2, 2012

Hugh Paxton’s Blog has employed many Namibians and has heard many excuses for stealing all my stuff, crashing my cars, not coming to work and asking for money. Only two desperate appeals for money involved witches and zombies and in both cases I paid to help and calm the agitated individuals involved.

I’m afraid that this court ruling may increase this sort of thing.

It reads like a joke but for an employer in southern Africa it isn’t. And for would-be employees it’s profoundly negative.

People (like me) won’t hire people if they look as if they’ve got lawyers and witchdoctors in mind. No point. Just headaches, bullshine and nonsense.

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: This is a dumb decision. Dog ate my homework. Witch gave me a day off.

I can see why the RSA cops opened fire on the peacefully protesting mine workers who were waving spears and pangas at them and yelling “Kill!”.

South Africa needs to sort itself out! .



SA labour court okays sangoma’s ‘sick note’

JOHANNESBURG – A labour appeals court in South Africa has validated a “medical certificate” written by a traditional healer, the Sunday Times reported.

After being denied unpaid leave by her Pretoria employer in 2007, Johanna Mmoledi had produced a note from a traditional healer stating somewhat cryptically that she had been “diagnosed with a premonitions of ancestors”.
According to court proceedings, she left her job for a month to follow a course by a sangoma – or traditional healer – who helped her appease the “wrath of her ancestors”.
The appeals court ruled that her dismissal was “substantively unfair” and argued that South Africa was a multi-cultural society where traditional forms of healing should be recognised.
“Companies cannot only accept certificates from medical doctors when we live in a diversified society,” Black Business Council president Ndaba Ntsele said, reacting to the ruling.
Speaking to the Sunday Times, labour law expert Tony Healy however voiced surprise that the certificate was validated when South Africa has no legal framework for sangomas’ activities.


November 2, 2012

Hugh Paxton’s Blog suggests you don’t try this at home. Visit a dentist!

Leonie’s View: Video Won First Place At Cannes – It’s only 15 seconds!

July 4, 2012

Hugh Paxton’s Blog likes this one from Leonie, one of our trusty Namibia correspondents. Unlike most of her posts this one will not enrage liberals and spark race riots. I think that’s a first for Leonie! No, that’s not fair. She sees the world through honest eyes and her mouth delivers the opinions formed. Leonie has heart and no fear of causing offence to people who are politically correct to the point of self destruction.

All my Blog correspondents have heart. And they don’t seem to have any fear either. This is why I treasure them! Hope you feel the same way. This Leonie selection focuses on creativity and cancer. Very touching. But most important it shows empathy.

Of all human emotions and feelings I regard empathy as the most important and healing.


Hugh (hope you can empathise with this post!)


The Video That Won First Place At Cannes . It only takes about 15 seconds to watch and you’ll see why it won. This is precious and there is no explanation needed.

Brigitte’s Pick/China Days: A butchery in China Town

June 22, 2012

Hugh Paxton Blog correspondent forwarded the following revolting images of threatened and ostensibly protected species. The images are currently doing the internet rounds but I have yet to identify which Chinatown it is. I’ve checked Bangkok’s Chinatown and can state it is not Thailand’s Chinatown. If any blog readers In Taiwan or Vietnam recognise this butchery and can provide its location Hugh Paxton’s Blog would be most grateful. Thank you. This sort of thing must be stopped!



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