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Hugh Paxton’s books going cheap!

December 13, 2012

Hugh Paxton’s Blog just got a message suggesting I buy my books! Apparently they are on sale! Amazon is knocking off the dollars! What are you waiting for! Homunculus? The perfect stocking filler for anybody in a mental hospital. Overland’s quite fun if you like deranged safari stories with lots of witches and Koevoet meteorite smugglers. Jimmy and the Djinn is a favourite of mine. Crusader knights, chminney chases, murderous harps.

Fill those stockings fellows!

And have a slightly unusual Christmas while you read my stuff!

My very best


Jimmy And The Djinn published today in Amazon Kindle edition

November 30, 2010
Hugh Paxton's Jimmy and The Djinn now on Kindle

Hugh Paxton's Jimmy and The Djinn now on Kindle

Hugh Paxton’s latest fantasy adventure hits the virtual bookshelves today – Jimmy And The Djinn. A supernatural fantasy adventure packed to the brim with battling knights, Djinni, Efreeti, ghouls and golems. Here’s the back cover blurb!

“Jimmy, 13, amiable, lazy but short of cash applies for a cleaning job offering ‘excellent remuneration’. He and his two friends hope to buy a boat. 

He is accepted. His winning qualifications are that he is: a) small, b) isn’t a Saracen and c) can’t whistle. His place of work is Monkshall, a grim and perplexing medieval complex that exists in a London square that isn’t on the A-Z map.

Monkshall is not what it seems. Nor are its inhabitants.
It is a prison for Djinn captured by a fanatical sect of warrior monks in the First Crusade. The undead crusaders and Djinn live on within its walls, their battle lines separated by a great net of prayer, enchantments, sentient architecture and alchemically created mechanical devices.

There is a history of violence, most notably the Great Chimney War where Djinn, due to the negligence of juvenile cleaning staff, were enraged and strengthened by casual whistling to break their chains and attempted to escape through the highly complex system of chimneys and secret passages.

The Djinn were subdued and re-imprisoned after prolonged chimney conflict by the Crusader Knight Grand Master Gilbert de Gris.

Jimmy wants money – and the pay is exceptional although the working conditions are frequently bizarre, and increasingly, nightmarish. Things really begin to go wrong when Jimmy’s co-cleaner and friend, Beryl, decides to become a nun and is selected to be a sacrificial victim on the annual Feast of Lights.

In a bid to rescue her Jimmy must release the Great Djinn, Sakhar, and extract three wishes. This is a great deal more difficult than he had imagined and Monkshall is engulfed in war.

So is some of London.

The ending is slightly enigmatic.”

More fun madness and mayhem from Hugh Paxton – an excellent virtual stocking filler for those with an Amazon Kindle!

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