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Thai Days: Lady Gaga

May 28, 2012

Hugh Paxton’s Blog is not a Lady Gaga fan but I admire her for giving many people pleasure and a chance to dress up and be silly and lively. Her Bangkok visit aroused fury among some Thai nationalists after she rather brainlessly said she was looking forward to visiting a lady’s market (it’s in Hong Kong not Bangkok) and buying a fake Rolex watch (again Hong Kong is the place to be for a really good Lorex copy watch), but the Thai audience lapped up the Gaga display and traffic congestion reached new highs as her expedition coincided with a royal convoy heading for a ceremonial rice planting event.

Overall, I’d say Bangkok enjoyed or endured the Gaga visitation with good grace and a bit of enthusiasm.

The Gaga Indonesia fest is off the menu. Islamist purists find her offensive. The Indonesian coppers say they cannot guarantee safety. That’s nothing new. 30 percent of the population of East Timor was killed during central government authorised military occupation. The police in Indonesia can not guarantee safety.

Gaga will skip Indonesia and the country will regret its fragile obedience to law and order and Islamic threats. The concert was a sell-out! People wanted to go!

I’m not a ‘little monster’ and I’d rather listen to The Clash or Skrewdriver or AC/DC but I think Indonesia has made a bit of an international publicity blunder. And has probably boosted sales of Gaga DVDs. I hope they are played at high volume next to militant mosques during Friday Prayers.




June 30, 2011


The short film above and the longer music video below were produced as promotional materials for my horror novel Homunculus, by my brother Charles.

Interested readers may click on the image in the sidebar to get the novel from


Paul Harrison’s “Kingsnake”

March 10, 2010

Here’s an inspiring glimpse of the talented Psychedelic Blues musician, Paul Harrison!

Paul Harrison 2 at No.15
Paul Harrison showed us an entirely new and majestic dimension of acoustic guitar

“His Crawling Kingsnake song was a tour de force, and in showing us an entirely new and majestic dimension of acoustic guitar, it blew us away. It blew us all the way down to the deep south. We found ourselves back in Ol’ Dixie seeing the sleek, scaly form of the Kingsnake, sliding inexorably toward its prey through those notes. They conjour the spice of the swamp and set the fireflies dancing in our souls. Paul plays magnificent blues. He draws upon great traditions and improvises grandly, taking us where (to my knowledge) no hand has yet set foot.”

Paul Harrison is a musician that you just have to see live, if only to experience how much a man and a guitar can actually do together. At times there’s a sense of being witness to an out-of-body experience. It appears to be Paul who’s out-of-body, he’s leaning right back in his chair and the music has taken over entirely, his fingers work their magic on the singing strings as his leg taps to the rhythm. Who’s playing who? Is the music playing Paul, I wonder? Either way, believe me, it’s an experience not to be missed. Check him out!

If you like what you see his Album Bioluminesence is readily available for purchase at his Myspace at , or from Itunes.


Read more about Paul in the Juice Ezine

The Kingsnake’s Keeping it Real, Keeping it Live! Paul Harrison at No.15

Charles Paxton

‘Scratchin’ all day’

March 10, 2010

I hope you enjoy this country music. Kimmie wrote it as a chicken’s eye view of the recent recession, tongue-in-beak of course. Our hens seem to prefer slugs to worms. The backing music is courtesy of Apple Computers’ Garage band software – great fun to play about with!

Here’s one of our hens singing “Scratchin’ all day”, a country classic?

You be the judge.

It really would be better sung by Kimmie in her Janis Joplin mode, but I hope you like it anyway.

As it’s the height of the lambing season, here are The Helm Wind Blues!

March 8, 2010

Ewe and lamb on Maulds Meaburn Village Green, Eden Valley, Cumbria

Spring Lambs, Maulds Meaburn

Spring Lambs, Maulds Meaburn

Before you check out this hilarious Cumbrian music video, provided courtesy of Hereldeduke and Rife Records, I should also give you the brief orientation to this meteorological phenomenon that comes with the video. Enjoy!

“The Helm Wind is a unique wind that blows over the Pennine mountains in the Eden valley area of Cumbria, North England. It creates a bar of cloud known as the “Helm Bar”. This mysterious wind has become legend with tales of sheep going missing and cows being picked up and blown into the next field.”

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