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Vile Crimes: Dung throwers, foetus pills, and skull abuse

May 9, 2012

Hugh Paxton’s Blog rates the following people as perfect applicants for my Horrible Bastards section.

We start with New York where there are some. In New York robbers came up with a strategy that involved deliberately spraying tomato ketchup on a victim then pretending to help clean them up by dabbing napkins on their gunk-stained clothing. While distracted an accomplice would steal the person’s purse or money or credit cards. This is a bit horrible. But in Australia a group of scumbags have taken this tactic one hideous step further. Customers using ATMs are bombarded with faeces. Helpful people move in to assist. Money vanishes. How low is that?

Moving on! Let’s have a look at China and South korea. Viagra is a hit. But some South Korean men clearly yearn for more. Hence the market for “flesh pills”. These are manufactured in China and contain ingredients extracted from dead human foetuses or infants. Given the one child policy pursued by China and the Chinese people’s cultural inclination to have sons rather than daughters, I’m guessing (shrewdly) that these pills are either fake (very likely) or are made of female abortion victims.

The flesh pill racket was uncovered in August last year and since then South Korean customs have thwarted 35 attempts to smuggle in the capsules, either in suitcases or in the mail. Somebody has been counting the confiscated capsules and has reached a figure of 17,451.

Quite a lot.

Scientists have given them a look over and certainly there are some that aren’t misinforming consumers about ingredients. They are not providing sell by dates and are keeping mum when it comes to the masses of “super bacteria” that arrive and are consumed.

Skull abuse? I’ll leave you hanging on that one. I need to make lunch and clean the kitchen, feed the cats. That sort of thing. But you will get the full story! Plus a bit more!

Hugh in Bangkok

AsiaWatch: 117 million dead girls

October 7, 2011

Hugh Paxton’s Blog is horrified to learn that 117 million girls have not been born in Asia according to experts speaking at a population related conference organized by the UN and Vietnam in Hanoi.

In most countries the sex ratio at birth ranges between 104 to 106 boys for every 100 girls.

That’s normal.

Now here are some stats that are far from normal.

China – 118.1 boys for every 100 girls.

India – 110.6 boys for every 100 girls.

Azerbaijan – 117.6 boys for every 100 girls.

Vietnam – 111.2 boys for every 100 girls.

The stats were compiled by the UN over the last few years.

“This skewed population sex ratio reflects a preference for sons, in combination with increasing access to new sex-selection technology such as ultrasound,” the UN Population Fund stated in a conference report.

Said French demographer, Christophe Guilmoto, many parents resort to “selective abortions.”

In some cases where parents do not have access to ultrasound, post natal discrimination results in additional child mortalities as girls are deliberately neglected. One particularly despicable reason for disposing of girls is to avoid having to pay a dowry.   

Guilmoto further pointed out that even if sex ratios returned to normal in the next ten years men in the above four countries would be facing a “marriage squeeze” for decades.

117 million girls terminated – murdered. That’s appalling!

Thai Days: Temple Horror (pt 2)

November 25, 2010

The man in charge of the Bangkok temple morgue (see previous Hugh Paxton Blog post) has just explained that the reason he didn’t burn the 2002 ilegally aborted foetuses in his posession was that the crematorium equipment had broken two months ago. 2002 foetuses in just two months. This begs the question – how many foetuses did he dispose of when the oven WAS working? We’ll never know. He, understandably, didn’t keep records. But my guess is the figure runs into the tens of thousands. A Thai Treblinka.

Thai Days: Temple horror

November 20, 2010

Neighbours living by the Wat Phai Ngern Chotanaram in Bangkok summoned police after smelling rotting meat earlier this week.

2002 decomposing foetuses were subsequently discovered in the Wat’s morgue unceremosiusly stuffed into plastic bags. Some had melted and were just red slush with maggots.

All were victims of backstreet abortions. The undertaker claimed he had no idea what was in the bags (a likely story!) and denied receiving money for their storage (a very unlikely story!).  He went on to explain that he hadn’t had time to getting round to cremating them. A self evident story.  

This grotesque incident, understandably, has  put the issue of abortion (which is legal only in extenuating circumstances such as cases of rape) in the public and political spotlight but the government has re-iterated its stance on criminalising abortion.

A special religious ceremony will take place next week attended by women who have had abortions to appease the spirits of the unborn dead. It will be taking place at a different Wat. Posters advertising the ceremony have been removed from public display on the grounds of bad taste.

What strikes Hugh Paxton’s Blog as particularly bad taste is not the foetus spirit ceremony per se but the fact that the Wat is charging participants 300 Baht (roughly $US10). A similar ritual took place earlier this year and attracted several hundred people. Many women brought their families along.

Hugh Paxton’s Blog thinks legalising abortion would put an end to this sort of financially motivated chicanery – I refer here to both foetus dumping and ‘pay to pray’ religious ceremony rip offs.

Let me know your thoughts.

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