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Brigitte’s Pick: The funniest this year! And what a punchline!

June 4, 2015

Hugh Paxton’s Blog thinks the following from Brigitte is just about as good as her Pick gets!


Only in


Only in Pakistan

Only in


Only inJapan



Only in Thailand

Only in Texas

Only in Hawaii

Only inChina

Only in Australia

and in Africa

She has a Ph.D. from a Zimbabwe university of which her Husband and President for Life, Robert Mugabe, is the chancellor.

Dr. Grace is aiming to succeed him as president, she obtained this degree within 2 months………….

Zimbabwe, Free Human Rights Lawyer NOW!

March 22, 2013

Hugh Paxton’s Blog doubts that Robert Mugabe will heed this petition (see earlier posts for his track record) but Beatrice is in trouble and every little helps. I hope.



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Subject: Zimbabwe, Free Human Rights Lawyer NOW!

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Beatrice Mtetwa, an accomplished lawyer, just spent her third night in jail. Her "crime?" Obstructing justice — by defending her clients’ human rights in court.

Please sign the petition today! Free Lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa From Jail in Zimbabwe!

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Dear Hugh,

To most people, a lawyer defending the human rights of her clients in court wouldn’t be a crime. For some people, it would even be praiseworthy. But for Zimbabwean police, it’s "obstructing justice" — and prominent human rights lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa has been in jail for the last three days for that very reason.

Mtetwa was arrested for defending her clients, four officials of the current prime minister’s party, after police searched their homes without presenting a warrant. Zimbabwe’s police force didn’t take her actions well — so instead of solving the problem in court, they elected to arrest their opponents’ lawyer instead.

It’s no coincidence that Mtetwa’s arrest comes right on the heels of Zimbabwe’s new constitution, which explicitly states the importance of Zimbabwean citizens’ human rights.

Nick M., who started a petition with us to free Mtetwa, writes, "We can safely say Beatrice Mtetwa is being used as an example by police to stifle and intimidate other like-minded human rights defenders not to rise up and make a stand."

Mtetwa must be released from jail before this real obstruction of justice continues any longer. Join Nick and the rest of Care2 in demanding her freedom immediately!

care2 Thank you for taking action,

Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team

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Zimbabwe makes more mistakes: Tell Zimbabwean Politician: “Making Women Less Attractive” Won’t Stop AIDS

May 22, 2012

Hugh Paxton’s Blog is very familiar with insane Black supremacist Zimbabwean politicians and their wildly off the cuff and ill considered opinions expressed in the international forum of debate and scrutiny. This fellow takes things into a new league of irrational and bullying belligerence. Mugabe has a long history of accusing anybody who disagrees with his policies as being part of a gay/British plot to depose him. Utter nonsense of course. His offspring are repeating his mistakes. Every word these ZANU-PF fascists utter makes me cringe.

From: Kathleen J., Care2 Action Alerts []
Sent: 22 May 2012 11:49 AM
To: Hugh Paxton
Subject: Tell Zimbabwean Politician: "Making Women Less Attractive" Won’t Stop AIDS

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Hi Hugh,

HIV currently affects 14.3 percent of adults in Zimbabwe. That means that more than 1 in 6 Zimbabweans suffer from this devastating, wasting disease. But according to politican Morgan Femai, the way to stop the spread of HIV is to make women less attractive.

Tell Femai that this disgustingly blatant misinformation does far more harm than good. »

While talking at an HIV awareness workshop, he said that the government should create a law that forces women to keep their heads shaved. He said that the spread of HIV can be stopped if women shave their heads, stop bathing, and try to make themselves unattractive because it’s hard for men to "resist attractive women."

He also suggested female circumcision — an extremely dangerous practice.

These suggestions on how to fight the spread of HIV are not only harmful, misleading, and dangerous–they take vital attention away from real ways to prevent HIV.

Please ask Morgan Femai to retract his statements about the prevention of HIV immediately. »

kathleen.jpg Thanks for taking action!


Tell Politician:
"Making Women Less Attractive" Won’t Stop AIDS
Take action now.
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Brigitte’s Pick:: Why we love Africa – where there’s a hearth there’s a warthog

May 12, 2012

On Hugh Paxton Blog’s first visit to Namibia I encountered Piggy – an extremely large warthog that snored and rumbled like an ailing boiler. He’d wander in from the bush and mow the lawns of the Africat Foundation at Okonjima and then duty done conk out on the stoep. Sadly he died peacefully of old age but the hoggish tradition of dropping in is still alive and well elsewhere. I received this from Brigitte. It brought back happy memories!



A friend in Zimbabwe sent me this picture and story which I thought was delightful.

They had been away at a game park and on the first evening, while sitting in front of the fire in the bar, in walked a fully grown warthog.

He walked over to the bar and without a word the barman handed him a pillow. He took the pillow in his mouth, dropped it next to the fire and promptly lay down with his head on the pillow and went to sleep where, apparently he spends the cold nights. In the morning he’s off into the bush again!

Apparently if the barman isn’t there, he’ll just grab a pillow off one of the couches!

Here he is, in all his glory :

He snores a bit too !

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Zimbabwe elections: sound only

April 2, 2012

Hugh Paxton’s Blog rates this five star Zimbabwe! Listen!

PS: If you enjoyed this check this Blog’s Zimbabwe archive post “Brigitte’s Pick: A South African version of Jeremey Beadle – stuck at the border fence?”

Brigitte’s Pick: A South African equivalent of Jeremy Beadle – Stuck at the border fence? (volume on please)

March 5, 2012

Hugh Paxton’s blog reckons the police reactions were real. The guy stuck in the border fence? Make your own minds up!



Colum’s Column: Mugabe promotes General implicated in rhino poaching

January 5, 2012

Hugh Paxton’s blog just got back from Cambodia and received this cheery welcome from Colum Muccio, our blog’s man in Guatemala.

Over to him! And curse him for it! Despite many an hour jolting along rural lanes in a cranky ox cart (at one point I disembarked and the oxen attempted to flatten me) and despite longer hours in a boat crossing a lake whipped into a high sea by strong winds (that threatened to sink and drown me) and despite the accompanying presence of a (projectile vomiting) mother-in-law, I was feeling my blood pressure strangely normal. I was serene. Over to Colum.

Ha! Just wanted to get your blood boiling again in case you were nodding off…


An army general implicated in rhino poaching, partisan food distribution, election rigging and even the murder of an army captain, was last week unilaterally promoted by Robert Mugabe

An army general implicated in rhino poaching, partisan food distribution, election rigging and even the murder of an army captain, was last week unilaterally promoted by Robert Mugabe

Great! It’s going viral! Banned Nandos ad and Robert Mugabe looking silly

December 1, 2011

Brigitte just sent me this, lots of other people have just sent me this, but Leonie sent me this first, Hugh Paxton’s Blog posted it and in case you missed it I’m posting it again.

It’s driving Zimbabwe’s hated dictator Robert Mugabe mad (madder) and that is music to my ears!

Bob has predictably banned the ad, unleashed his ZANU-PF thugs to bash anybody caught gnawing a bread-crumbed drumstick, and has ordered a boycott of Nandos (which if you weren’t aware, is a South African fried chicken franchise serving up delicious chicken, crisp, peri peri or other dips, reasonably priced, a great deal!). And great ads!

Mugabe has had his foot on his people’s throat and his fist in their face and his crazed anti-White tirades in their ears for decades. He’s always been a mob man.

But in this ad he sits alone. A brutal, childish/senile clown with nobody to play with. Or share a Nandos six meal deal.

The ad, and its huge popularity (it’s gone viral on YouTube), not to mention the ugly fates that have befallen his fellow friends and dictators, must be weighing very heavily on Mugabe’s mind.

If indeed he still has a mind. I’ve had doubts on that issue ever since he destroyed his country’s economy and left me with a souvenir collection of 100 billion Zim dollar denomination notes (one Zim dollar was equal to one pound sterling when he assumed power). When I took posession of my billlons they wouldn’t be sufficient to buy an egg. 

For anybody in Bangkok interested in a South African take on fried chicken, good news! Nandos have opened several outlets here and more are on the way! Hugh Paxton’s Blog plans to skip the turkey on Dec 25th

I’ll be ordering one of those Nando meals for six deals and toasting the Movement for Democratic Change.

Merry Christmas, Mr Mugabe! Your last I hope! A case of “Bah Humbug” I suspect in your case!

To see the Nandos ad check Leonie’s last post or go to YouTube and look for Nandos Last Dictator Standing ad

Zimbabwe days: black rhino poachers get 21 years

September 12, 2011

Hugh Paxton’s blog is both happy and sad to report that two Mozambique black rhino poachers have been sentenced to 21 years in prison by a Zimbabwe court. The two men were tracked and caught by rangers in the Save Valley Reserve in the south of Zim. They were armed. 13 black rhino have been poached so far this year in Zimbabwe.

So why am I happy? These guys are not going to be doing any poaching of rhino or other wildlife ever again. Neither will they be putting the lives of rangers at risk or depriving this struggling, hopelessly mismanaged country, of a natural resource that generates significant nature tourismrevenue.

Sad? Well, the two men are in effect sentenced to death. People just don’t survive 21 years in a Zim prison. I’ve got friends in the MDC (the oppoition party to Mugabe’s loathsome ZANU-PF afro-insanity party) and they have posted pretty harrowing accounts on this blog. Check past Zimbabwe posts. So, yes, these two will die, most likely of AIDS. But the people who trade and consume rhino horn (predominantly Chinese) are still un-punished and will continue recruiting poorlypaid and ultimately unhappy pawns. Horn for Asia. Blood for Africa.

Overland! Buy it! Somebody! Please!

October 9, 2010

Editorial Reviews

Product Description


When Mabel Meade, a retired small town English librarian, joins an African Overland bus trip she is looking for adventure.

But she has no idea that the adventure will involve her sharing an uncomfortable, geriatric and over-crowded truck with a group of extremely incompatible fellow tourists (including meteorite smugglers, drug abusers, racists, left wing idealists, vegetarians who won’t eat the food, tedious bores, and, but of course, a pregnant woman who is constantly in jeopardy).

Mabel almost immediately encounters violence and evil omens and then comes the accidental discovery of a mummified Bushman – unearthed by a sand storm in the Namib desert – with a gut full of smuggled diamonds worth a fortune.

And that’s just the beginning.

As Esmerelda, the decrepit Overland truck, groans her way through the Namibian badlands and then through Botswana bound for Zimbabwe things just get worse.

As each new challenge and catastrophe arises Mabel is the one with the answers. Most solutions seem right at the time but more often than not spur further disasters.

Tension between the “tourists” inside Esmerelda mounts. The body count rises.

When the “Cursed Safari” as the Media has dubbed it, enters Zimbabwe, the body count rockets.

To a background of massive civil unrest, White-owned farm invasions, shanty town clearances by Mugabe’s tottering dictatorship, and para-military brutality Esmerelda’s passengers attempt an escape to Zambia to sell the diamonds and split the change.

Apart from the ones who have decided not to share. They put their own plans into action. So do other parties who have become involved.

Despite her age, her trials and frequent errors, it is Mabel who ultimately saves the day and ensures that the few Overlanders who survive their African vacation will be able to spend the rest of their lives on vacation.

Somewhere a bit more relaxing. And with a lot less witches, burning elephants, civil war, haunted caves, exploding hospitals and insane one-eyed snipers.

Mabel puts her success down to many long years of employment maintaining discipline and good clean fun in her Framley Library’s Children’s Corner

Hugh Paxton’s Blog urges somebody (anybody!) to buy the damn book! It took me a year to write it! And you’ll enjoy it. Trust me.  

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