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Thai Days: Anybody lost 14 white lions? Get in touch and I’ll tell you where they were.

June 11, 2013

Hugh Paxton’s Blog has a number of animals in my house. But enough of mycats, my hedhehogs, my  daughter and her friends.

Let’s move on to a house in Klong Sam District.

This was over populated!

14 white lions. Where the heck did he he get 14 white lions? South Africa. And the lion  owner says he’s got the papers to prove it.

Four otter civets.

One loris.

23 meeerkats! (Yes RSA seems a likely point of origin).

Australians take note – “at least 1,000 sugar gliders”. At least 1,000!

12 peacocks.

13 turtles

six minks

four miniature pigs

17 marmosets

an undisclosed number of other birds

and a bunch of stuffed animals.

This lot were in his house? He must have a larger place than myself.

The police were tipped off by the guy’s neighbours who were fed up with lions roaring, peacocks cawing and “a smell of excrement.”

Sakda Noppasit, secretary to the natural resources and environment Minister, said the suspects registered a company for study purposes but that it was clear the their company has “nothing to do with research or study”.

The cost of importing a white lion? 200,000 Baht.

Come on South Africa! Crack down on the export end! Otherwise Asia will bleed you dry!








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