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Some Chinese are stupid bastards: Chinese ship rams coral reef in the Philippines and is full of smuggled pangolins.

April 21, 2013

Hugh Paxton’s Blog ia appalled by the latest Chinese eco crime. It beggars belief.

Scene: A world heritage site, coral abundant, ┬áthe Tubbataha reefs. 600 fish species, 360 coral species, eleven species of sharks, sea turtles, a hundred species of birds, thirteen species of whales and dolphins…it doesn’t get much better than Tubbataha.

For some reason ships keep crashing in. Greenpeace – the Rainbow Warrior ran aground due to faulty maps issued by the Philippines govt. They paid the fine, regretted the incident and sailed away to save whales elsewhere. The US minesweeper USS Guardian swept in earlier this year and the anti-US protestor department went into a predictable frenzy. The US did the decent thing, paid compensation and the USS Guardian sailed away to sweep mines elsewhere.

The latest vessel to run aground on Tubbataha is a Chinese fishing boat sailing without charts (and without any fish). The vessel, upon closer inspection turned out not to have just recklessly destroyed corals but to be carrying 1,200 kilos of dead, de-scaled pangolins. These inoffensive scaly South east Asian anteaters are endangered, trade is totally illegal and demand, particularly in China where they are considered by some to be medicinal, continues to boom.

This blog hopes Manila will throw the book at these coral wrecking smugglers. They are guilty as sin.

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