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More on the Flooding Situation

November 12, 2011

Hugh Paxton’s blog is happy to pass on the latest advisory to pile up on my previous advisories. Perhaps the main point to stress is that images of water lapping around commercial aircraft broadcast on the international media might give the mistaken impression that Bangkok international airport is out of order.

Quite the contrary!

It is functioning as normally as it usually functions. The flooded planes are mainly retirees parked in the old international airport, so if you are contemplating aborting travel plans, a rethink might be in order.

Thailand’s still very visit-able!



flood report 11_11_11.pdf

Thai Days: Those whales are becoming increasingly political

November 9, 2011

Hugh Paxton’s Blog got these cartoons from Akihito. They are from an independent cartoonist. Nothing to do with the whale advisory animations (see previous post). To be perfectly honest I can’t understand why one of the politicians has a boot stuck to her head. Probably a Thai thing. But the point is well made. Poorer people are bearing the brunt of current Bangkok flooding (it’s been three weeks already!) while luckier and more affluent souls are getting off relatively lightly. In some cases.

In my case, definitely. My house is dry and so am I.

Hope it stays that way!

Thai Days: More Blue Whale Flood Info Video Animations

November 9, 2011

Hugh Paxton’s Blog stuck one of these up a few days ago. Here are all three episodes.

Sent in by a friend.

Over to her! And the whales!



Dear colleagues

In case you have not seen these videos, they are very well done to explain in simple ways why floods are happening and what to do to remain calm when one is overwhelmed with so much information.

, flood épisode 1;


, flood épisode 3.

Thai Days: blowing up roads has been called off

October 29, 2011

Hugh Paxton’s Blog promised to let you know about the cunning plan to blow up roads in downtown Bangkok to create canals to divet floods. The cunning plan has been shelved.

Thai Days: Flood travel advisory – roads north impassable

October 6, 2011

Hugh Paxton’s Blog has just received an advisory to the effect that all roads heading north from Bangkok are either flooded or are very likely to be. There’s currently another storm raging over head as I write this. Thunder so frequent it sounds like an artilleru duel. If you are in Bangkok stay here.

Cheers! And stay safe!


Thai Days: Floods

October 25, 2010

Hugh Paxton’s Blog’s “Understatement of the Day Award” goes to a Bangkok Post staff writer.

“Human life in a flooded area is miserable, debilitating and even scary.”

Even scary?

That ‘even scary’ gets the Understatement Award!

I think I’d rather go with the adjective ‘fatal’. Or ‘catastrophic’. ‘Predictable’. Or even ‘preventable.’

People have been drowning in Asia in very large numbers recently.

And now the floods have come to Thailand. Over thirty dead, 1.2 million affected in the last week, costs of flood damage to date in the region of 10 billion baht.

Bangkok is currently bracing for its own sink or swim session. It’s predicted tomorrow. Flood barriers further north are being overwhelmed and the water’s streaming south. A high tidal surge is going to join the party. It’s called North South calamity cooperation.       

“We did not expect so much rain,” explained the chief of the eighth regional Irrigation Office.  

Well, I did. And so did anybody with half a brain taking an umbrella to town to shield their heads from “so much rain”.

Fa crying out loud! Burma, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Taiwan … 

Is there a recurrent theme here?    

Yes, I think there might be.  

Human idiocy!

People motivated by greed have developed areas that are prone to floods. They’ve built all kinds of stuff – sports stadiums, golf courses, you name it, without bothering with trivia like environmental impact assessments and common sense.  They have felled forests that would naturally , and if left intact, have acted as natural sponges absorbing heavy rainfall, slowly (and beneficially) releasing water over time instead of hurling it at high speed off bald mountains. Real estate interests have encroached on Bangkok canals, narrowing them in a series of land grabs that will force excess water into tighter channels, increasing speed of flow (and then overflow).   

A couple of weeks ago I posted a brief story suggesting that Bangkok would be submerged by 2020. Not my idea, I hasten to add – the prediction was made by a bunch of scientific types. It seems their twenty twenty year scenario might have been a little optimistic.

I’ll let you know. Unless I’ve been swept away or I’m too busy filling sandbags.

BLOG ED NOTE: Hugh Paxton is known for his occasional taste for melodrama. A Bangkok flood warning was issued two weeks ago and nothing happened. So if you are an incoming tourist it may not be necessary to waste money on flotation devices or scuba gear. As for Mr Paxton’s sand bag filling remark – I find it an unlikely scenario. He doesn’t have any sand. And he doesn’t have any bags. Also he’s lost his shovel.

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