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Kenya gets tough on Chinese ivory smuggler (or not)

March 28, 2013

Hugh Paxton’s Blog applauds the decision of the Kenyan authorities. Really worth a round of applause for its tragedy/comedy/farce.

Tian Yi, a Chinese national, was apprehended in Nairobi while in transit on Sunday. His suitcase attracted attention because it bulged with slivers of bark.

Mr. Yi, described them as ingredients for Traditional Chinese Medicine. China, traditionally, has no traditional medicine source in Kenya, or anywhere else in Africa. For millennia the Chinese apothecaries had no idea Africa even existed.

Yi, while no doubt spurred by noble thoughts of curing his countrymen, women and children from various diseases and ailments and mental health problems and impotency, had mingled his healing remedies with…


Did Yi stuff his suitcase with:

A. Soiled underwear and smelly socks

B. Traditional Chinese Medicine bark, roots, with a view to selling these to bio-prospecting companies.

C. Copies of “anal slave” and “ whip me, whip me”

D. Just lots of bark.

E. A present for his wife bought hastily and without forethought from Nairobi duty free.

F. An HIV-AIDS positive test result due to Yi’s reckless fornication with the girls at Buffalo Bills.

G. Nothing. He just wanted to carry the suitcase.

H. Three silly hats and eighteen bananas.

I. Lots of little shampoo bottles snaffled from various hotels, small bars of soap and several bathrobes and towels, and a Gideon’s Bible found in a bedside drawer.

J. Lots of bark and 439 pieces of worked ivory painted brown to match the medicinal bark.

Hugh Paxton Blog Quiz Winners, as usual, won’t roll home with a prize. But don’t give up! It has been known to happen.

Answers follow.

‘A’ to’ I’. You may well be right. Apart from ‘G’.

Yi wasn’t in this for the suitcase.

‘H’’ looks unlikely, too.


Did you think ‘J’?


Mr Yi had painted all his bits of ivory brown to make them look like his traditional medicinal tree bark.

Hugh Paxton’s Blog Final Quiz:

Q: Was he arrested and thrown into jail?

1. Yes.

2. No.

3. Did he pay a crippling fine for his role in a trade that spurs and supports criminality and rebel takeovers of countries such as the CAR (it’s in the Congo region, Central African Republci – they’re having a civil war as usual).

4. Or was he fined a punitive fee of one US dollar per ivory piece.

Number four wins!

I find this scenario ridiculous. This man, this Mr Yi,  is a smuggler, he isn’t a tourist who picks up an ivory trinket in ignorance. He is commercially motivated, his bark ploy indicates that he is of sub-standard intelligence,  and he should be in a Kenyan jail being fed weevils and gang banged by Somali pirates for robbing them (the Kenyan people) of their natural resources.



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