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South Africa: For the hard of hearing and a great man!

December 15, 2013

Hugh Paxton’s Blog strongly suggests that you check out an earlier post today. The sign language guy. Mandela. Everybody being solemn. Him translating for the hearing impaired. He wasn’t just incredibly inept, he moved the whole concept of translation and explanation into worlds (and inaudible words) beyond comprehension. His explanation for what must be the most entertaining farce in funeral history was that he was being bombarded by angels!

Wow! This guy just doesn’t give up! Most people when doing this sort of thing (has anybody done this sort of thing?) might say “Yes, I can’t actually do my job. I’m a fake and I’ve made South Africa look even more stupid than usual. It’s a fair cop, guv!” Nah! He went with Angel Bombardment excuse!

Some journo raking through the ruins of this man’s career has also revealed that ten years ago he was charged with murder. Not using sign language (boring!) he explained that he had been violent in the past.


Some people might think he deserves a jail term or summary execution. Hugh Paxton’s Blog disagrees! Vehemently! I want him appointed to the UN as chief, sole and unsupervised sign language man. How many millions would actually watch the debates, the speeches, the press conferences if this guy was handling communications?

Lots and lots of millions! I’d be glued to the screen!

Pres Liew Fat Gob, yawning: “It has been a useful exchange of opinions and…”

Our Man on translation: “I’ve got a cigar in my arse horses horses, cover me in horses! fundamental great bif farts. Boring shit from China. Green wobbly thing from Mars doesn’t scare Mummy. Thank you. So sorry. And hello! Cornflakes!”

What do you think? He’d make as much sense as world leaders (or the media) and bring to our troubled globe a sense of shared, mutual joy. We could all watch together and wonder about what’s coming next. Obviously world leaders could carry on with their jobs and why not? That’s what they are there for. But while they did it we could just dispense with pretence. And enjoy genuine, unabashed gibberish.



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