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Nelson Mandela’s death

December 7, 2013

Hugh Paxton’s Blog posted the following as an answer to a post but then thought nobody reads answers to posts. So here it comes, as a post. And it gets a bit longer!

Nelson Mandela died last night and a lot of people are sad that he has gone. Me, too. But not so sad. He had a good innings, was old and he had many years of trouble and triumph and time to think thoughts and a huge amount of international support to enrich his life. He was, and is, a living legend (even if he’s dead).

What I liked about him was his calm expression, his dissembling pretense at honesty and the way he was not shy of supporting the Springboks or HIV carriers.

Two very brave moves! His son died of AIDS.

And a kaffir wearing a Springboks shirt! Ouch! Wow! I call that brave! And he carried it off! I’m sure that a lot of Blacks watched in horror! But Mandela introduced the idea of multi-racial sports and persuaded the Whites to stay calm, the Blacks to stay calm…just a Rugby match!

Have you ever seen a calm Rugby match?

Somehow Mandela made that work! Probably a historical first in any country! And in any Rugby fixture. I’m not sure that he could have pulled it off with a Hammers versus Millwall football match in London but I would have liked to see him try!

Mandela was not in Robben Island prison for nothing. He was, despite his later gentle smiles, arrested for supplying weapons designed to kill White people. He was convicted of terrorist offences. His ex-wife, Black Piggy Winnie, got off free after her revolting mobilised Soweto gangs killed Stompie Sizwe. Poor kid! Anybody out there remember Stompie? They stomped him!

Winnie’s about as ugly corrupt as you can get, a rotten virus exploiting her husband’s good name and celebrity.

Mandela grew out of that violence (Winnie did it while he was inside), and, to his credit, he gave Winnie the gentle boot.

So we’ve got eulogies and memories and endless bullshine on the TV at the moment about the wonders of Mandela and most of the people (Obama, Cameron etc. don’t know much about South Africa (or Africa) at all). Perhaps that’s best!

I salute Mandela, as African leaders he was first class, and the best thing that could have happened to his political career was spending 27 years away from his feuding revolutionaries on Robben (somebody would have shot him), but I’ve another candidate for some world attention!

Desmond Tutu sometimes strikes me as rather lively (in England we prefer to go to sleep in church!) , but Tutu, despite his enthusiastic antics was also a Mandela.

Tutu IS a Mandela.

Honesty. The man is sound! He condemned Mugabe when most of SADC was silent (I didn’t hear Mandela, maybe he said something but I didn’t hear it and neither did Mugabe). SADC just didn’t listen at all. But ex-Archbishop Desmond Tutu …He had a look at things, decided they were wrong -white farm invasions, throwing MDC supporters down coal mines, cutting off their bollocks and buttocks etc , and he shouted it out loud! That’s what Africa needs. A bit of outspoken fury regarding this geriatric procession of nauseating senile dictators!

This vigour is in short supply.

Watching Zuma and his BMW driving sidekicks weeping crocodile tears and giving nice media one-liners makes me want to throw up.

They’ve missed the Mandela point. They’re missing the Tutu point. Tutu really carries the progressive ideas forward. He has a brain! Zuma? He has a bank account and thinks you can’t pick up HIV if you have a shower. What an egg-headed hippo headed git!

One last point, but worth making, is that Nelson Mandela did not stick to power like a wet turd to a woolly blanket.

That’s what other African presidents do. Not just one of them. All of them.

Mandela went with grace and like a gentleman. I like him for that especially.

Zuma is a creature incapable of such a piece of equivalent common sense or decorum.

Watch the funerals, mourn Mandela, but watch too for the opportunists and snakes in the grass. The ANC writhes with them. And spare a thought for Desmond Tutu. He isn’t dodging racist bullets fired from Kasspirs but he, and rational thought, are facing a potential onslaught. South Africa needs to clean house, needs to be safe for residents and visitors, needs to stop bleating on about Apartheid and using that as an excuse for chronic corruption, bent police, and getting robbed as soon as you leave the airport.

I’ll never forget getting robbed by Black police at a checkpoint en route to a hospital where my wife was to enjoy a scan to ascertain the health of our unborn daughter. They mobbed us, swarmed, stole US1,000, frightened her, confused me, shouted about Whites, the taxi driver (a little Coloured guy) wet his pants, and these people could see she, my wife, was pregnant.

This was the police! Rainbow Nation!

The only colours of the rainbow I saw was flashing blue and red cop lights white greedy teeth and very greedy black faces. Some rainbow that makes!

I had to fill out the forms for the cops back at base. I was still White, the taxi driver was still Coloured, my wife? Japanese. Honourable White (that wasn’t on the form).

The thing that broke my heart about this police procedure was that the cop was genuinely ashamed and angry that other police officers had robbed a pregnant woman but he couldn’t write his report in English. I helped him, but he couldn’t write, couldn’t spell and after an hour and a half I had to thank him and leave him otherwise I’d miss my flight. We gave each other rather half hearted salutes and that was it. Joburg!

South Africa has a long way to go! Mandela dying isn’t going to change that. And it sure as hell needs an honest police force. And an honest government. And an honest president! If any of you fat arse politicians give a damn about any of these points get working! But you won’t, will you? You will just mourn the passing of Mandela " Our father" etc.. Get your faces on the BBC. And then get back to business as usual.

African leaders always screw it up. CAR? Well that looks great? The French have to send the army in? It isn’t just CAR it’s all over the bloody continent! Bit of a shame! Overall, Mandela didn’t screw things up. He did what a man must do and then did it well. Apartheid saw it and gave way as gracefully as it could.

But Mandela’s passed.

My hopes are on Tutu! God Bless you! And don’t die on us! Central African Republic (that’s the CAR!) you haven’t been blessed by a Mandela or a Tutu or yourselves. One day, I pray Africa in general stops making itself an unhappy continent! RSA has a chance. There are people, lots of people in South Africa who can make it work. But not if the cops mug pregnant women and make the average tourist decide never to visit your country again.

Mandela doesn’t cure that.

End of tedious political commentary!

Hugh from Bangkok!


Brigitte’s Pick: Amazing Nelson Mandela Sculpture – South Africa

February 11, 2013

Hugh Paxton’s Blog agrees with Brigitte – this Nelson Mandela sculpture is indeed amazing!

Amazing Nelson Mandela Sculpture – South Africa

It consists of 50 ten-meter high laser-cut steel plates set into the landscape, representing the 50th year anniversary of when and where Nelson Mandela was captured and arrested, on August 6th 1962, prior to his 27 years of incarceration !!!Standing at a particular point, columns come into focus and the image of Nelson Mandela can be seen.

The sculptor is Marco Cianfanelli, of Johannesburg, who studied Fine Arts at Wits.

From Suzi; Oh Julius …….

November 20, 2011

Julius Malema, Hugh Paxton’s blog regrets to say is a very racist, fundamentally stupid Black South African. He was key in the ANC Youth League, he’s been convicted of corruption and convicted on very reasonable charges of inciting racial hatred. When he opens his mouth the ANC winces. When he says something guns come out. When he does anything, I just feel like flushing the toilet. And now he wants to be Nelson Mandela. Tough act to follow Julius.

Over to Suzi in Windhoek.

Julius Malema stated yesterday : “I want the people of South Africa to treat me the same way they treated Nelson Mandela”.

Evita Bezuidenhout immediately responded  “What a great idea. Let’s start with 27 yearsin jail…”

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