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More Colours In Bangkok: Meet the Black Suits

March 25, 2010

Lots of Red Shirts (anti-govt), lots of Yellow Shirts (pro-govt), more than a few White Shirts (neutral), and now the Black Suits. This latest contribution to an increasingly Rainbow Nation arrived in the form of opposition MPs seeking to block new legislation. The Black Suits initiative failed. I checked the Red Shirt protest camp, conveniently situated outside my wife’s office and was offered a foot massage, discounted noodles and the chance to buy some photo shopped poster images of the current PM blended with a prostitute. I told the vendor that I would prefer a poster of Thaksin charging as to war on a water buffalo. He said he’d run out of stock. But should have more on the weekend to cater for the latest mass demo demand.

Politics! You know it makes sense!

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