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Hugh Paxton’s Blog has been working on New Year Resolutions and will release them as soon as I have got around to doing it.

Could take a while. I have resolved not to mate with a monk in Tibet after a thirty hour bare foot trek skirting terrible cliffs and crossing bridges that are designed to throw you into a gorge. I will avoid anything involving rubber dolls and porpoises in somebody’s fish tank and I won’t go to Somalia wearing high heeled shoes and a bikini. I’ll eat vegetables. Yummy!

That’s it so far. Four.

My wife has more than ten resolutions. Most involve me doing what she wants me to do, She is missing the point! I’m making my resolutions! And if I decide not to enter the rectal canal of a saltwater crocodile wearing a purple hat in Queensland that is my decision. I am resolved! I won’t do it!


Five more to go! I’ll let you know!

What gives me the shivers, esteemed readers, is her resolution to play jazz piano. There are lots of jazz pianists! Why the thundering hell start a jazz band here?

Five more.

Hmm. Options. Smash the piano?

Ear plugs.

I’ll keep you up to date.

The nice thing about TheGirl is that she is rather a cheerful person and these are her suggestions for resolutions. They make more sense than mine.

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TheGirl posted: "Any day is a great opportunity to make a positive change. But the New Year in particular is the most exciting time to envision a better future. Cozy up with a latte or pour a glass of red wine, hit "play" on your favorite Spotify playlist and spend some q"

New post on TheReporterandTheGirlMINUSTheSuperMan!


4 New Year’s Resolutions for 20-Something Girls

by TheGirl

Any day is a great opportunity to make a positive change. But the New Year in particular is the most exciting time to envision a better future. Cozy up with a latte or pour a glass of red wine, hit "play" on your favorite Spotify playlist and spend some quality time declaring your resolutions for the next 12 months. Here are four ideas to inspire New Year’s resolutions for the 20-something girl who wants to make every year of this defining decade count.

Personal Challenge

Make this the year you break free from fear and insecurity. Life’s too short to not take risks, be adventurous or test your limits. Are you watching life pass by in a personal safety zone, surrounded by cushy comforts and mediocrity? It’s terrifying to think about what you want deep down inside, but be too afraid to go after it.

Turn your "Wanderlust" Pinterest board into a reality and plan a backpacking trip to Europe for real. Prove to yourself you can train to run a marathon and cross the finish line. Have fun dating men who aren’t necessarily your type, and blog about it. Be open and fearless. Get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Challenge yourself.

Financial Commitment

A financial resolution to save for a trip, build up a savings account or pay off debt can seem close to impossible. If you’re like the typical 20-something, an entry-level income allows you to just get by, if that. Practice healthy money habits now to help you establish smart finances in the long-term.

Millennials are branded as the generation of entitlement. Commit to saving a certain amount of money each week. Truly save your credit card for emergencies. Help prove that all Gen Y-ers aren’t broke and entitled narcissists who take extravagant trips and buy expensive gadgets with nonexistent money. Schedule an automatic transfer from your checking account to your savings account. You can also use apps like the Mint to help budget and DebtTracker Pro for following a debt payoff plan.

Wardrobe Rehab

Your 20s are a time of transition. Shopping should become more about quality over quantity and developing style over showing skin. You’re striving to impress your work colleagues, not your sorority sisters. If you’ve got a closet overflowing with college hoodies, party dresses and hot tops for bar hopping, a major wardrobe overhaul can come at a high cost.

Approach rebuilding your wardrobe as a year-long project and vow to make smart, purposeful purchases. Gradually replace items of your former self with classic pieces that are sophisticated and sustainable. Keep on eye on basics in neutral tones like black, white and cream. Indulge in few luxuries like a beautiful Rolex watch and Coach designer handbag are timeless accessories for everlasting style.

Strengthened Relationships

The people we love the most tend to be the ones we take most for granted. The 20s can be a "me" decade dedicated to your wants, needs and desires. Are you guilty of texting Mom superficial messages to make up for calling her less? Do you love your friends to their face and gossip about them behind their backs? Has your romantic relationship become routine and dull? Is your relationship with yourself self-deprecating and damaging?

Resolve to strengthen your most significant relationships, whether you connect with your family more meaningfully, tighten your social circle or decide to fly solo. Most important is the relationship you have with yourself. If that’s suffering, practice self-care, self-respect and unconditional love. Learn to treat yourself kindly with positivity and be your own best friend.

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  1. TheGirl Says:

    Not mating with a monk after making that trek is a good resolution! That should be easy to keep.

    • Hugh Paxton Says:

      Yes, TheGirl! Think I’m going to handle that monk one. It’s the porpoise pledge that worries me. Am I strong enough? Your suggestions were rather inspiring! Admirable! I shall ignore them all. But I have resolved not to invent a malfunctioning airplane made of trash can lids and attempt to fly off a very high building overlooking the Andaman Sea. I hope this meets with your approval? Keep on writing, TheGirl!


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